First Single “Page One” Receiving Rave Reviews

Mosaic Artistry Group’s most recent signing THE BEAUTIFUL REFRAIN, is preparing to release their debut EP, Redemption:Daylight.

Based in Harrisonburg, VA, the band started thanks to a passion for music as well as church planting.  Formed at Aletheia Church and James Madison University, The Beautiful Refrain began writing music to be used specifically at their church, but their songs of faith, doubt and new life have been embraced by a much larger audience.

On February 3, The Beautiful Refrain’s single “Page One” will be added to Christian radio stations across the world.  Even though the single has yet to be released, music directors are singing the band’s praises.

Bob Felberg from New Creation Radio (WVOF, Fairfield, CT) states “All in all, quite a unique sound with an important message. The ethereal intro sets it apart from most songs on the radio today. The Beautiful Refrain’s sincere presentation makes you want to hear the song again and again!”

“The Beautiful Refrain’s single has the perfect tempo,” continues Anthony Daughtery (WEBY, Pensacola, FL). “Perfect worship song that you can turn up and roll the car windows down while cruising down the road and also one you can throw your hands in the air to praise & worship. Certain to be a hit to listeners of all ages!”

The song “Page One” is truly a song that shows the faithfulness of our God.  “Picking up my Bible, I turned to the first page and just began to read,’ explains Cameron Gwaltney, vocalist for the band. “I read the first few chapters of Genesis and out of nowhere the first verse for ‘Page One’ just hit me, word for word:
‘Page one was perfection
Page two the fall
The rest of the book revealed to us
Your plan to fix it all’

“It’s amazing that you can look at the first page of your Bible and see how God intended the world to be, on the second page see how we messed it up, and then the rest of the book to see God’s plan to redeem His people and to reconcile them to Him.  I was in awe of how faithful our God is that he would do so much just to save a broken, unworthy sinner like me.  After those first four lines were written, the rest of the song just flowed and became ‘Page One’ as it is today.  Once it was finished, we began singing it in our church and our people immediately caught on.”

Redemption:Daylight by The Beautiful Refrain.  Available online March 17, 2012 in both digital and physical formats, though Mosaic Artistry Group.

Mosaic Artistry Group LLC is a network of artists that write, perform and distribute music with a positive message worldwide.  Founded in 2011, Mosaic Artistry Group LLC is dedicated to producing the highest quality music and building a network that meets the individual needs of the artists. With the team’s extensive knowledge in all areas of the industry, artists get the advantages of a label, marketing team, publishing company, management and artist development all under one roof.  For more information about Mosaic Artistry Group LLC or their Artists, visit


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