THE APPLESEED CAST “Low Level Owl: Volumes 1 + 2”To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The Appleseed Cast’s seminal, critically-acclaimed and most popular release ever, Deep Elm Records is releasing both volumes of Low Level Owl together for the very first time as a complete master collection of all 26 songs in hi-res digital audio including separate artwork for each song.

Massive in approach and epic in scope, Low Level Owl is a vast soundscape that lives and breathes on its own. Nearly two hours in total length and previously released on two separate volumes, these 26 beautifully orchestrated songs of lush melody, expertly paced dynamics and blossoming atmospherics will leave you floored. The Appleseed Cast’ gives way to a more courageous exploration of sound and texture on Low Level Owl, experimenting with loops, echoes, instrumentation, inverting tape and changing speeds. They discover the sonic possibilities…the masterpiece in every measure. Each song explodes at the seams, overflowing with symphonics, crescendos, swells of feedback and electronics. Listen to slowly building waves of guitars and drums that ultimately crest, bursting into the shimmering tears of honest men. Music like this is neither calculated nor deliberate. It just happens. It just exists. It is the music to dream to.

Ground breaking. Low Level Owl is a supernova and a full redefinition of The Appleseed Cast.” – Pitchfork
The sound of a band forging ahead into a vast sonic wonderland wrapped in pure white snow.” – Splendid
An experiment that could only result from following one’s heart. This record stands on its own.” – Punk Planet
For Fans Of: Moving Mountains, Moonlit Sailor, Dorena, Explosions In The Sky, Last Lungs, Goonies NSD

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