Stellar Kart’s Everything Is Different Now releases nationwide THIS WEEK. Here’s what critics are saying about the band’s debut effort on INO Records:

…Stellar Kart ups the ante with Everything Is Different Now…”–

“…the most grown-up album of their still young career.”–

“This is a must-have album for 2010.” –

“Their [Stellar Kart’s] first radio single is ‘We Shine,’ and on this album, they most certainly do.”

Purchase the album now at Also–check out for an interview with Stellar Kart about its latest release.


Telle Smith of The Word Alive

An Artist's Obsession

Telle Smith, vocalist for The Word Alive, is coming off the release of the band's sixth studio album, MONOMANIA. That was in February. This is, well, now. Originally planned to tour for the new album and play for millions, he’s in his house in California... trading stocks. HM contributing writer Andrew Voigt catches up with the quarantined Smith.


Photo by Dusty Winter

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Ever Eden

The Haunting Sound of Hope

"Ever Eden has been this perfect culmination of us realizing what our journey has been and how to aim that as a message for other people." After years of introspection and coming-of-age, Ever Eden has embraced their own struggles, as haunting as it may feel, to create a community that's turned out to be much larger than the band itself.


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