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We are pleased to announce the launch of a second website – Soundmass Downloads (formerly unDark). Soundmass Downloads is the digital downloads branch of (Australia) and will also serve as our webstore for physical stock located in our United Kingdom office. This website will be selling instant downloads spanning all hard music styles from punk through to black metal. Within minutes of completing a purchase you will receive an email with a link to your download files.

Apart from instant downloads, you can also purchase physical CDs, DVDs, eBooks and video downloads from Soundmass Downloads. With orders of physical product from this site being shipped from England, customers from European Union countries will no longer need to worry about paying expensive import taxes on orders.

With 8 labels and dozens of bands already onboard with Soundmass Downloads, we expect our range of downloads and physical product to continue growing.
You will already find instant downloads of brand new releases, previously unreleased material and long out-of-print albums, so make sure you give us a visit now:

Please let us know if you want your band or label’s music available on Soundmass Downloads as well.

And to launch the new webstore in style, we are making the brand new TERRAPHOBIA album “Evilution” available for download/pre-order. As a bonus, everybody who pre-orders a physical CD of “Evilution” from Soundmass Downloads will immediately receive a free instant download of the album to listen to until they receive their copy in the mail in late June. Included with the Terraphobia download is the full artwork (including lyrics) in PDF format.

Originally formed in 1985 by current Mortification guitarist Michael Jelinic, 10 years has passed since the last Terraphobia album. Since joining Mortification in 2002 and recording 3 albums with these metal legends, this project has lain dormant. You can expect a feast of melodic thrash/death metal from this release – a unique blend of the modern and old school that is heavy, fast and has plenty of leads thrown in. With a sound that will appeal to fans of Arch Enemy, Bolt Thrower and Scrolls era Mortification, Jelinic’s Terraphobia is swathed in the signature melodic guitar playing that we all know and love from this brilliant musician, coupled with his intense and versatile vocal force.

For an idea of what to expect, head over to the Terraphobia MySpace to hear
2 new songs – the title track “Evilution” and “Hell On Earth” – as well as the first single “Soldiers of the New Millennium”:


Atreyu- 2021

Atreyu's Baptism

At their core, Atreyu is a hard rock band with metal riffs and pop choruses. Now, after more than 20 years, the band has stepped boldly into their next chapter with a change in lineup and an album that proves the lifeblood of Atreyu is stronger than ever.


Photo by Ashley Osborn

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Heaven's Metal: An Oral History of the Genesis of Christian Metal

Heaven's Metal

When rock emerged from blues and 'heavy metal' began to surface, faith-based metal acts also rose to start their own journeys. Initially shunned by both believers and non-believers, they were fighting for their spot at the table, ultimately building a legacy that would go on to change the genre forever. HM presents an oral history of the beginning of Christian metal music, featuring Guardian, Tourniquet, Holy Soldier, Whitecross, and, of course, Stryper.


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