“Songs of Thunder Volume 2 –
All To You”
Releasing – February 22nd

Pre-Order NOW on the Harvest Sound website!

“Usually albums have two or three good songs, and then a whole bunch of filler.  But this album is amazing.  It’s slammed FULL of incredible songs.  Each one of them is powerful and moving.  You can expect to be seeing these songs in churches across the world — watch out for this album, it’s going to be a big deal.”
– Logan, CA
“Songs of Thunder Vol. 2 is incredibly unique, versatile, and can be enjoyed for ANY setting!!! If I want to be pumped up with Heaven’s joy, chilled out in God’s presence or just have something to delight my soul while cleaning the house, Songs of Thunder Vol. 2 always fits the occasion and sends me soaring above my circumstances!!”


To celebrate the occasion, we are hosting a CD RELEASE PARTY!

The Thunder Grounds Coffee Shop will be open, refreshments will be available and “Songs of Thunder 2: All to You,” will be available for purchase!

The event will be free of charge, so invite friends and family to join us!

The Foundry

1419 Clinton St.
Nashville, TN 37203


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