Iowa-based Songdish Is a Hit for Musicians, Promoters and Fans

Songdish, which went “live” on August first this year, is proving to be a hit for musicians, promoters and fans.  And now, Songdish is getting some attention in Iowa—the state in which it was founded.
The DesMoines Register today featured an article about the company, founded by father and son Gary and Dave Dewaard.
“It’s great to be recognized on a national scale,” says Songdish co-founder Gary Dewaard.  “But there’s something very special about being noticed here at home.  We’ve worked hard to get Songdish to where it is since we launched 5 months ago.”
“That’s right,” says dad Dave.  “Hundreds of artists from almost every genre have joined up and see the value in what we’re doing.  We have a long way to go, but it’s nice to be noticed.”   Songdish features artists and music from across the US, as well as from numerous other countries around the world.



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