The 2nd song by SLIDE is now available as a digital download. SLIDE originally recorded The Black And The Blue for R.E.X. Records compilation CD back back in the 90’s. The band takes a more aggressive approach with this new track. It has been re-written, re-recorded, and updated for 2009/2010. The Black And The Blue features guitarist Joey Levenson from the band SPC ECO. If you get a chance, check out SPC ECO’s MySpace page. Joey also has his own personal MySpace page and it can be found here. The Black And The Blue was produced by MDAVISTO, Brian Webster, and SLIDE. You can listen to the new track (along with all of SLIDE’s other songs) on the band’s Home Page, MySpace Page, or Facebook Page.

There are some new behind the scenes pictures of the band that have been recently added to the Gallery Page of the website. Don’t forget to check out SLIDE’s website ( to see all the new and recent changes including current 2009 pictures of all band members.
SLIDE is now on YouTube! A time elapsed video of our recent photo shoot can be found at The band’s first music video is scheduled to be released in 2010.

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What’s Next For SLIDE ?

SLIDE will be releasing their 3rd single in less than 2 months. It will be a completely brand new song without any ties to SLIDE’s earlier efforts. Trust me when I say you do not want to miss out hearing this next track. More information will be released soon so keep checking the news section of as well as the band’s MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

You can expect SLIDE’s first full length album to be released sometime in the 4th quarter of 2010. As both the writing and recording process unfolds, SLIDE plans to continue releasing additional tracks as digital downloads between now and the actual release date of the album. SLIDE describes it’s sound as a sort of “dance rock distortion” which will blend the sounds of electronica with live instrumentation.

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SLIDE’s first single January (Feel Like Dancing) is available in 3 different versions including 2 Club/Dance versions re-mixed by international remixer MDAVISTO. You can find both The Black And The Blue and January (Feel Like Dancing) in the SLIDE STORE. They are also available on i-Tunes, and

James and Mike’s first band: SINCERELY PAUL: GRIEVE-THE 2 DISC DEFINITIVE EDITION was recently re-released in the Spring of 2009. The Sincerely Paul re-release of Grieve has been issued as a 2-Disc Definitive Edition and includes the entire catalog of Sincerely Paul’s songs. Digitally enhanced for 2009, Grieve has been given a complete makeover and has never sounded better. The 2-Disc edition includes new art work, an insightful bio/essay, new pictures, liner notes, and 11 additional unreleased tracks. We have already sold over 50% of the limited signed editions of the CD which include a specially numbered autographed insert by band members James Preston and Mike Baker. Once these limited editions are gone, Grieve will remai n available for purchase as a regular standard version. Please note that the limited edition CDs are only offered at the SLIDE STORE, while the standard version is available at all the online retail stores.

Sincerely Paul’s Grieve is ready for your i-POD and is now available as a digital download. It is available for purchase in various online retailer stores including i-TUNES and


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