Today marks the release date for singer/songwriter Sarah Macintosh’s Integrity Music label debut Current, which was produced by her husband, Jonny Macintosh, and J.T. Daly of Nashville’s famed indie rock outfit, Paper Route. Current is available to Christian retail stores within the U.S. through Provident Music Distribution and to mainstream retailers through Sony Music Distribution. It is also available through all major digital service providers including Amazon and iTunes. Click here to purchase at iTunes.

Out of the gate, Macintosh’s Current is receiving stunning reviews and mentions from top media outlets such as Worship Leader, CCM Magazine, NewReleaseTuesday, JesusFreakHideout and more. In addition Sarah has performed for the Relevant Magazine Podcast (videos can be viewed here) as well as at ( view here), and she will be featured next week on the NewReleaseTuesday podcast. Her song “We Should Run” is also available now as a free download at GMCtv.  Click here to get this amazing song.

Here is a taste of what the media are saying about Sarah Macintosh’s Current:
“Her honest lyrics portray the every day Christian walk through life with a percussive yet ambient, ethereal sound; making for a worshipful album that renews its energy in every song. The melodramatic near-glam electro beauty of Current sets Macintosh apart from most Christian and Pop artists out there. From the downbeat of the first song, she grabs your attention with an intense and beautiful wall of sound that develops throughout the album.
Worship Leader Magazine (March/April)

“This is a very cool, outside-of-the-box album that features a lot of foreign sounds that really grab and hold your attention.  There’s a lot of unique instrumentation and cool chord progressions that make it seem as though the musical fabric of the orient played a part in the writing of these songs….This is such a fresh sounding album, and I can’t recommend it enough.  I loved it!”
–, Ryan Mitchell reviewer

“From the first moments of Sarah Macintosh’s new album Current, you know that you are hearing something that stands apart. The entire album is punctuated by chamber-pop elements and instrumentation. For sure, this is the ultimate “gourmet” release of 2012. Do yourself a favor and buy this album immediately.” 5 Star Review

“Likely to be one of 2012’s more accomplished pop efforts, its distinctive factors really make the record stand apart in bold fashion and they breathe new life into another great singer’s career.” 4.5 Star Review

“Macintosh makes fervent, worshipful music, and the best songs here combine shuffling, trip-hop beats, and personal lyrics—or in the case of the title song, carry the listener along in a wave of pure, gleeful abandon. She deserves credit for making electronic-based music sound so warm and inviting.”
– Christianity Today

“Sarah Macintosh has a bold and brave sound of her own that blasts through her peers with a sound all her own, deep and beautiful with a music that would make her friends with fans of Coldplay and Adele while displaying a worshipful heart through her lyrics.”

“After listening to Sarah Macintosh’s Integrity Records debut Current, Sarah is one of my new favorite worship leaders. Her musical creativity and willingness to write about the hope we can find in Jesus during any time of our life makes her both an artist that struggling Christians can play during the storms of life, and those experiencing triumph can celebrate to as well. Plus, you can’t go wrong with her amazing vocals!”

For more information, visit and be sure to follow her on Twitter.

Known for her work with progressive rock band Chasing Furies, Macintosh now has three solo projects to her credit including the critically acclaimed The Waiters, The Watchers, The Listeners, The Keepers & Me. In addition to touring and collaborating with artists such David Crowder, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Vicky Beeching and Jars of Clay, she speaks and leads worship at churches around the country.

Until recently, her family made their home in San Diego, California, where Macintosh led worship for her father-in-law’s church, Horizon Christian Fellowship. Now, this Texas native is now waking up in cities around the country for speaking/singing engagements as her family relocates temporarily, working with churches to impact local communities. Rather than simply making a cameo in the lives of the people they’re ministering to, they are loving getting to know the Body of Christ on a more personal level.

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