Sarah Jaffe’s The Way Sound Leaves A Room is Out Now!

Paste Follows up their Exclusive Album Stream with a Sneak Peak of the DVD Portion – a Stunning Live Performance of “A Sucker for Your Marketing”

PBS Catches Up with Sarah on the Road, Gets the Specs on her Writing Style

Refueled Presents a Beautiful, Raw Performance of “Clementine” (first single off Suburban Nature)

“Every time I’d pick up a guitar, I’d get frustrated,” said Sarah Jaffe said about having writer’s block, which she said came from an awareness of writing for her audience. So instead of returning to the frustration that was her guitar, she went to a pawn shop and picked up a bass and a drum set.

Although Jaffe wasn’t familiar with the instruments, practicing and recording with them gave her a new outlook on songwriting. This new view led her to create “A Sucker for Your Marketing,” a building, intense cut that features Jaffe on bass leading her band.

The video was filmed at one of Jaffe’s concerts at The Wyly Theatre in Dallas and features her full band adding piano, violin and guitar to the mix. It comes from Jaffe’s The Way Sound Leaves a Room, a CD/DVD collection of demos, alternate and live tracks.  The Way Sound Leaves a Room will be in stores this week.

Check out the performance here.


Profile: Songwriter Sarah Jaffe’s Varied Style

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On the eve of the release of her new album “The Way Sound Leaves a Room”, singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe performed a raw, acoustic version of “Clementine” for Refueled Magazine’s film series {Automatic Buzz}™.

Click here to check out the performance.


Sarah Jaffe’s CD/DVD collection titled The Way Sound Leaves A Room is out now!  The CD, a collection of demos, covers, and an acoustic version of “Clementine,” shows the growth and experimentation of Sarah and her music.  The accompanying DVD takes an extraordinary look at Sarah’s sold out Wyly Theatre show in Dallas which includes live performance footage and behind the scene snippets.

This release is meant to bridge the gap between her acclaimed full length debut Suburban Nature and her soon to be released second full length studio album – out early 2012.  But before then, fans have a chance to catch Sarah at CMJ this year.  The details will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

The Way Sound Leaves a Room Tracklisting


1 Shut it Down – Drake & The Dream Cover

2. Louder Than Ever – Cold War Kids Cover
3. Clementine – Alternate version
4. Better Than Nothing Outro (demo)
5. The Way Sound Leaves a Room (demo)
6. When You Rest (demo)
7. A Sucker for Your Marketing (demo)
8. All That Time (demo)


“Live >From the Wyly Theater”
1. The Way Sound Leaves A Room
2. When You Rest
3. Nurture It
4. A Sucker For Your Marketing
5. Vulnerable
6. Hang With Me
7. All That Time
8. Clementine
9. Stay With Me
10. Before You Go
11. All That Time Video


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