Winter is knocking on our doors and we are not sure if we like that. No more lying in the grass at sunny outdoor festivals as it’s time to get back inside, hmmm….still want to go a festival? Come to Amsterdam on the 5th of November for our annual Sally Family Festival with an awesome and heavy line-up!

this beautiful mess

In case you missed out on this one: this beautiful mess is no longer. The band decided to quit some time ago. Sad news indeed, as this has been one of our favorite all time Sally bands. The good news is that the band has decided to regroup, and they are now called ‘People Get Ready‘. If you liked this beautiful mess‘ more uptempo songs, you will definitely like these new songs. Ever dramatic and powerful to the core with a touch of new wave. If you order their new album now, you will have your copy early next week! To order, click here: only 10 euros.

On top of this we’ve lowered the price of the band’s previous albums ‘Away With The Swine‘ and ‘Temper The Wind To The Shorn Lamb‘ to 10 euros as well. If you order one of these copies now, you will receive a free Sally Forth DVD + CD by the spirit that guides us (feat. 4 members of People Get Ready!!!). This offer lasts until the 5th of November.

Last but not least, ‘Geliefden‘ is a new project by arjen (singer of People Get Ready) featuring old and new church songs in dutch that sound like they would be a perfect fit to any Sufjan Stevens album! a unique record! Click here for more info.

John Coffey

Big news: Next week John Coffey’s debut album ‘VANITY’ is one year old. This birthday will not go unnoticed. From October the 22nd you can get the entire album for free on Bandcamp!! The lyrics are included so you can sing and scream along with your favorite hits.

John Coffey has just finished their ‘VANITY’ tour and with that they say goodbye to lead singer Art. After all those years on the road together it’s hard to find a worthy replacement. Nonetheless, we’re glad to say that they found a more than worthy new singer, whose name is David. More news about him will be revealed in November.

Now touring’s over, but here’s a video to get a sneak preview on what JOHN COFFEY has been doing the last couple of months:

JOHN COFFEY aren’t taking a break, they are working on some new rocking material and will be back on the road by the end of  March next year.
For regular JOHN COFFEY updates + videos go to www.facebook.com/johncoffeymusic or www.twitter.com/johncoffeymusic

the spirit that guides us

At the moment the spirit that guides us are writing some new material as they are planning to record a new album in 2011. If you want to catch a glimpse of what that new album will sound like, don’t hesitate to come to our Sally Family Festival as tstgu will perform 5 new songs live that night!

Right now YOUMAKEMUSIC has a huge ‘tstgu-sale’ going on. Order ANY tstgu album and get the second one free. This offer lasts until the end of 2010. Order their last album here.

the innocence mission

In our last mailing we offered you some special cd’s of bands we really like. A lot of you ordered the new innocence mission album (our favorite band here at the office) as it’s one of their best ever. Good news is that we got our hands on a couple of their older and very hard-to-find albums. How about ‘Christ is My Hope’, ‘Glow’, ‘The Innocence Mission’ (their 90’s debut on A&M records), ‘Street Map’, ‘The Lakes of Canada’ (including remix of GusGus) etc? Interested? Drop us a line at sally@sallyforthrecords.com. Be quick as of some albums we could only get a few copies!

Thanks again for your time and in case you don’t want to hear from us again (yeah right!), drop us a line at sally@sallyforthrecords.com (‘unsubsribe me dear sally!’).

And remember to enjoy this summer before it’s getting cold again! 😉



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