Well we are very excited to tell you the new Crossforce ‘Rockin til the Final day’ and the new Pastor Brad ‘Back to the Shredder’ are both shipping at the end of this month! You still have some time to get in on the pre sales and bonus packages and Deluxe Editions but only through the end of this month! So get one while you can!

You can take a look at all those right here…


Right now you can check out a brand new video collage on Roxx Records very on You Tube Channel which is a sampling of three of the brand new remastered Crossforce tracks along with some NEVER before released photos of the band Crossforce that are set to grace the pages of the expanded 16 page booklet in this Deluxe Edition! Be one of the first to check this out right now! Many thanks to Michael Koehler who manages and operates the official Stryper You Tube channel and also operates and manages the official Roxx Records You Tube Channel! Thanks Mike!


Lastly for today’s updates we need to request some help from our Intense Millennium Records friends and fans out there! There’s no way around this except to be open and honest and tell people that the sales of the IMR reissues has not been as well as expected. It can be attributed to a lot of things, the current state of the economy probably being the biggest factor! We want to (and will continue to) bring you some excellent quality reissues and even some brand new stuff to all! But we are at a point where we need to raise some funds to continue so for a short while you can now get an exclusive Roxx Records Package for $100 we will only be offering 20 of these packages!!

THIS ONE TIME $100 ROXX RECORDS PACKAGE consists of 13 titles and a total of 17 discs!!!!!!

Compilation – Extreme Mardi Gras (1 CD)

Compilation – Sign Here (1 CD)

Crossforce – Rockin til the Final Day (1CD) *

Crystavox – The Twenty Year Mix (1 CD / 1 DVD)

Deliverance – Temporary Insanity (2 CD)

Eternal Ryte – Anthology (2 CD)

Liberty n Justice – Chasing a cure LP (1 CD)

Mortification –  Break the Curse (1 CD / 1 DVD)

Moshketeers – Downward Spiral (1 CD)

Oil Chopping Block – (1 CD)

Pastor Brad – Break Out (1 CD)

The Sacrificed – 2012 (1 CD)

Thresher – Here I Am (1 CD)

  • NOTE Crossforce CD will ship upon release date!

These packages will be shipping Priority Mail in their factory sealed cases! In order to do this we need to add the appropriate shipping so please select the correct package please!

USA $13.95 Priority Mail Shipping

Outside the US $38.95 Priority Mail Shipping

US Version: http://roxxproductions.storenvy.com/products/140869-roxx-combo-pack-usa-only

INTERNATIONAL Version: http://roxxproductions.storenvy.com/products/140872-roxx-combo-pack-international

OR If you like it on the heavier side and want in on the first reissues offered from IMR we are also offering a one time special package featuring all the IMR titles for you here….



The Undertaking 2021

Quite The Undertaking

Frenzied. Chaotic. Punk. The Undertaking!, San Diego's newest wild bunch, is about to release their debut album, and, if their live show is a premonition of any kind, the world will be opening up to one heck of a party with them. Contributing writer Andrew Voigt talks to vocalist Austin Visser about the band's new album, the reality of their music, and how they've been able to embrace their creative freedom.


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