Editor’s Note: A lot has been happening on the As I Lay Dying front, coming in fast and furious. I have been purposefully holding off on posting anything As I Lay Dying related to ensure validity, and today was the perfect example of why, as you’ll see below in the timeline. However, I realize the irony in now posting a roundup update, but I’m going to do it anyway. Here’s the most objective version of this developing story I can write.

  • Longtime AILD vocalist Tim Lambesis recently pled guilty to a murder-for-hire plot in San Diego. Officially, according to R. Stickney of NBC San Diego:

    Tim Lambesis entered a guilty plea to one felony count of solicitation of murder in San Diego court Tuesday, admitting that he hired a hit man to kill his estranged wife. NBC San Diego

  • In order to reduce the sentence, he made the plea in order to avoid leaving his fate in the hands of a jury — for both guilt or innocence, as well as sentencing.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Lambesis did not receive a nine-year sentence; rather, he is still due for sentencing and could face up to a nine year sentence based on the plea.

  • Last week, (former?) members of As I Lay Dying begin posting :15 second clips of new music with an unknown singer (one of which is below). Speculation ensues as to what was going on: Is the band continuing on as a four-piece? Are they getting a new singer? Will they keep the same name?

    Some were posted within five days of each other.

  • Earlier today (April 9), a statement is posted on As I Lay Dying’s official website, claiming the band was just “sleeping rather than dead.” According to the claim:

    As I Lay Dying was originally founded/owned by Tim and then eventually the ownership was shared with Jordan about six years later. As the only official members, neither would like to move forward at the moment regardless off the upcoming sentencing time (which is still yet to be determined / not 9 [sic] years).

  • Soon thereafter, the four (former?) remaining members of As I Lay Dying followed up, claiming the statement was made as a sole action by Lambesis and that they had no involvement in the crafting or posting of the statement publicly. According to the statement:

    For Jordan, Josh, Nick, Phil, management, and record label, this was an interesting first time read as all parties were oblivious to its construction, intent, and release. ThePRP

  • They would also confirm, via the retort, that Tim Lambesis is the “only one with access to the site,” referring to the band’s official website.

  • The claim would also state that the remaining four members might be doing a new project with Shane Blay (Oh, Sleeper) in a new band, tentatively titled Worshipper. According to ThePRP:

    The band sans Tim Lambesis have indeed been working on a new project (possibly called Worshipper) with Oh, Sleeper guitarist/vocalist Shane Blay as their singer. They have already recorded a new album for Metal Blade with him and will be announcing more details soon.

  • Could Tim come back under that name? Sure, but he did say this:

    In terms of music, Tim doesn’t want to pursue performing live music full time regardless of what length his sentence ends up being.

    It was in the initial statement, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Falling in Reverse front man and aspiring rapper Ronnie Radke was then happy to point out, via Twitter, he was “responsible for the decline of civilization” for throwing a mic stand, but it’s glossed over when a “singer hires someone” to kill another party:


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