We can’t wait any longer to share this record with you, which is good because the wait is over! Perfect timing!

Rosie’s brand new album With Love is OUT TODAY!

With Love is a culmination not just of the last few years of Rosie’s life; an anxiety filled thyroid disorder, a cross country move, and a marriage, but in many ways her career in general.  With this album, Rosie has retained “the same qualities that introduced Thomas to her fans: strong vocals, intelligent observations and tempting hooks” (Paste), while realizing another level she’s only previously hinted at – and produced some of her strongest songwriting and performances yet.

Love is obviously complex and broad.  Rosie empathizes – looking at love from a variety of perspectives, and at a variety of stages. “Her new songs frame love as an action as well as a condition, sometimes ruefully and sometimes, as on “Over the Moon,” radiantly.” (The New York Times) Basically, there’s something everyone can relate to!
Surrounded by an outstanding group of producers and musicians (Dave Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Blake Wescott (The Posie’s, Damien Jurado), Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), Brian Thomas, members of Sufjan Steven’s band, and more), Rosie has created her most sophisticated, endearing, and enduring work to date.

AOL Spinner is hosting a listening party for With Love all week.  Stream the whole thing – fo free!

Check out some recent conversations Rosie’s had with eMusic, the Huffington Post, and keep an eye out for more very soon…

See Rosie Live!
Don’t Forget – Tickets are on sale, and moving fast – so check the dates, and get your tickets today!

Now a Valentine Note From Rosie:

I know, I know, I’m putting a record out on Valentines Day! Puke! Gag! I guess I couldn’t resist with the record title “With Love” – so I hope you can forgive me.

I know there are some of you who may be broken hearted, alone, or longing for that special someone today- I know, I get it. There are so many angles to love friends, highs and lows, ups n downs.  If you’re in the “up” I am happy for you, if you’re in the “down” I am happy for you too because there’s nowhere for you to go but up! Promise it’s true! I sing about it a lot on this record. That’s called hope.  But of course love is a huge topic, and isn’t limited to romance and baloney. Friends, family, and even strangers show us love, and we in turn can give that love to others.  Makes more difference than you know.

In homage to those of you/us who would rather pop a heart balloon or rip the head off the white teddy bear holding a heart shaped box of Godiva chocolates- why, let’s start our very own celebration of what love is really all about.

So how bout we remind ourselves (and each other) today in a very “real way” how love has changed us, inspired us- or simply, helped us through.

Today’s our day to remind the world that love is real, so let’s shout (tweet/FB) it from the rooftops, come on now, let’s wear our hearts on our sleeves!! So, I’ll start, and you take it from there.

That’s right people, it’s a #WithLove Off!!
#WithLove, I got through a really difficult time
#WithLove, I learned not to sweat the small stuff
#WithLove, I learned how to be a better friend
#WithLove, I learned that there is always hope
#WithLove, I learned to laugh my head off
#With Love, I learned to sing my heart out!
#WithLove, I learned that giving is the key to happiness – and today I give my songs to you- that’s my version of a dozen roses, or 10 roses, or – at least “One Rose” anyway for you!

Alright, let’s hear from you
Happy Valentines Day!
Tweet! Tweet!
With Love,
Rosie Thomas


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