Add Grammy Award winning singer Rebecca St. James to those suiting up and taking the field in the controversy advancing Sunday’s airing of the 30 second Tim Tebow ‘pro life’ ad during the telecast of the Super Bowl.
St. James noted today from Los Angeles: “Focus on the Family, Crisis Pregnancy Centers and individuals like Tim and his family are advocates for both the child and the mother, and I want to join hands with them.”
“I think in spite of the protests this week from the NOW organization and other pro choice advocates, the airing of this ad is a matter of the First Amendment right of free speech. I applaud Focus on the Family for creating this ad and bringing the story of Tim Tebow’s life to America during the Super Bowl game, and I applaud CBS for broadcasting it. Here is the heartwarming story of a young man whose mother—when faced with the option of abortion—chose life.  Here to thank her today is a rising sports hero who is passionate about his life and sharing the message of life for the unborn.”
Rebecca St. James shares that passion.  Her current film project, Sarah’s Choice, which reached the #1 spot last week on the Christian DVD chart, has a strong pro life message. Through a series of special screenings with Crisis Pregnancy Centers nationwide, word is coming back weekly on young women who are opting for ‘life’ after viewing the film.
In looking forward to the Sunday unveiling of the Tebow spot,  Rebecca added: “Unlike Tim Tebow, the more than 1 million babies that are aborted each year in the U.S. have no voices—and no opportunity to tell us what they think of their mothers ultimate ‘choice’ for their lives.  This is a message America needs to hear.”
Rebecca St. James will be in New York next week—Tuesday, February 9th—to appear on “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.


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