We are sad to announce the passing of Randy Miller, drummer from the band, The Myriad, on November 5, 2010.  A wonderful husband, dedicated father, beloved friend and talented musician, Randy had been battling chondrosarcoma, a form of bone cancer since 2008.  Randy was 39 years old.

Randall J. Miller was born February 9, 1971 in Long Beach, CA, and moved to Redding, CA in 1985.   In 1997, he married Kristyn Davis and they have two children, Conner, age 11, and Gillian age 9.  Randy founded and ran Metolius Construction with his business partner and friend Tommy Carlson, but in 2006, he gave into his musical passions and talents, and began playing drums for the band The Myriad.   Known for his quiet demeanor and contagious smile, Randy transformed into a musical force when he sat behind the drums.   The Myriad became more of a brotherhood than a band, with Randy the constant, steadily keeping the whole group in time.

While we know Randy was exceptionally talented, we will most miss his gentle ability to make everyone feel loved and appreciated.

“Randy was a rare gem.  A totally humble man, but an amazing drummer and confident musician who owned his craft.  He was a man who loved Jesus, his family, and any chance he could get to play the drums.” – Tim Taber, Floodgate Records.

“Randy breathed life into everyone around him all the way until the very end. People would come to the hospital to visit Randy and encourage him but quickly found out the visit would be quite the opposite. He began to pour out words of encouragement and tell people to do everything that’s in their heart.  He saw things in people that no one else recognized and his words of life ignited fires that could not be put out. He has changed my life and most of the people I know.  Randy was a great man.” – Jeremy Edwardson, vocalist from The Myriad.
“Randy never had anything handed to him. He faced challenges throughout his life that would make most buckle. I am honored to have seen how a Godly man lives; with strength, kindness, compassion, and heart.  Selfishly I will miss him always; this world will be emptier without him. But I believe with everything in me that heaven will be richer with my friend there.” –Steven Tracy, guitarist from The Myriad.

Two weeks ago, band members, past and present, as well as dear friends gathered to say goodbye to Randy.  During the afternoon, Randy said something that seems to sum up his life: “I’ve been thinking about my life lately and how I’ve never really been a wealthy man, especially after the past 2 years of medical bills.  We’re renting our house and we don’t have much.  But you know, somehow I just feel so rich.  I have an amazing family, and the best job ever.  I just feel so rich. Somewhere that’s gotta mean something.  Somewhere we all have a cosmic currency.”

In lieu of flowers, friends request that donations be made to cover medical and funeral expenses.   Like many musicians, the Millers did not have health or life insurance.  Donations can be made at by going to the Online Giving section at http://thestirring.org and clicking on the Mercy Fund designated for the Miller Family.  All donations are tax deductible.

We are thankful for your thoughts and prayers for Randy’s friends and family.  He will be dearly missed.


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