Raging Storm creates traditional rock and metal label Eternal Warrior Records

LYNCHBURG, VA (January 15, 2013) – After recently re-opening for business after a one year ministry and family sabbatical, Raging Storm Records continues their growth in the new year with the formation of their second expansion label. Branded as “Eternal Warrior Records”, the new imprint label will function as a cohesive part of the RSR family.

“The purpose of any record label, including what is known as an imprint, is simply to act as a brand name for music” explains label president Jason Scannell. “The purpose of the EWR brand is to give the proper development and respect to traditional rock and metal bands.”

Creating a separate branding for the genre will mean better label identity for both the bands and the fans. While many music fans are diverse in their tastes, many fans of old school music don’t identify with the modern metal “core” movement, and vice versa. Using tried and true experience from over seven years in operation, Raging Storm will be busy developing new staff members at the imprint label along with new talent to be announced soon.

While not officially open for business until February 5, Eternal Warrior already has two releases planned for 2013. Bands interested in label support are encouraged to contact eternalwarriorrecords@gmail.com for more information.


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