Indie Vision Music Presents: Punk Never Dies Vol. 1

Launching October 31st at 10pm PST only at for FREE!!

Select songs playing on BrokenFM Radio Station (or stream it at the top of our website)

Attention all contributing bands:

I just want to thank each of you for taking part in our first ever “punk rock” free digital compilation. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do and that you’ll each be able to grown your fanbases because of it.

Here is some info for you:

Punk Never Dies Vol. 1 is an entirely FREE digital compilation featuring 75 songs from a ton of really great talent and awesome bands. There are NEW songs, unreleased songs, and recent songs from the artists contributing.

The download will be split evenly into TWO separate files to make downloading easier and quicker. Each file is about 175mb (total file size of Punk Never Dies is around 350mb).

All songs have been converted to 192kbps Mp3 format. I could have done bigger bit rates but it would have just weighed down the file size as you can imagine since we had 75 songs. So I just made them all the same. Unfortunately I just ran out of time for getting this thing mastered and I apologize that I wasn’t able to “master” these tracks for each of you.

Hopefully I’ll be more organized with Punk Never Dies Vol. 2 when I work on that one next year 😉

Here are some promotion tips:

*Punk Never Dies Vol. 1 – Launching for FREE October 31st at 10pm PST only at
Featuring 75 awesome songs from a variety of punk rock/pop-punk bands spanning the globe.

*Use hashtag #punkneverdies on twitter when mentioning this compilation and promoting it to your fans/followers. Our twitter handle is @ivmusic and we’d appreciate a link up as well if possible.

*On facebook, you can find us at and link up the official “Event Page” here:

*Our official website is and download will be posted on main page in the top of the news section beginning tonight. (plus we’ll have other little graphic ads/buttons for it).

*We have a “teaser trailer” posted on Youtube that you can also link to if you like:

*We are trying to get an official “commercial” finished this week that will be posted on our youtube page as well. I will post the official commercial on our facebook page and website on download page as soon as it is finished.

*This compilation will not be sold in any manner, shape, or form. It will only be offered through our website as a free digital download. There are no fees or costs associated with downloading this compilation. It is a 100% free download.

I want to personally send out my sincerest thank you for making this free compilation extra special by your involvement. All these songs have blown me away and I am officially a fan of all you bands. If you ever have a question or suggestions please hit me up via email here:

Or you can reach me on twitter/facebook here

Coming in 2012:

Punk Never Dies Vol. 2

If any of you would like to return and contribute a new/original song for Punk Never Dies Vol. 2, I would absolutely love to have you. There is no current deadline for the compilation just yet but I’d like to start working on it in the new year with a projected launch of summertime 2012. Let me know if you’re interested or even if you know of some good Christian artists with sweet music and a positive message. I am open to any style of punk rock.

Take care everyone and may God continue to bless your lives.

In him,
Brandon Jones
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