Medellin, Columbia’s own Aggelos is premiering their new lyric video for “Vivente” today on HM. The band (which means “messenger”) formed in 2002 with the goal of combining eerie and haunting female vocals with immersive and aggressive metal. After a number of member changes, the band released their debut album, Mantos Purpureos, in 2011. Since then, the band has been committed to writing their follow-up, and, despite several delays, is finally ready to unleash their sophomore album, Silentium. The first single will be the one you’re jamming now, “Vivente.”

We spoke with the band about signing with Rottweiler Records, the single and the upcoming album.

What does it mean to be a part of Rottweiler Records?
For Aggelos, it is a privilege to be part of Rottweiler Records. In Latin America, there are many high-quality metal bands, but there aren’t many companies and the bands produce very little. Such as in literature, (a lot of) great writers are known and made their worth thanks to the work of the big publishers. Or in soccer, to be part of a bigger team, like Boca Juniors or Barcelona, is a privilege and a responsibility to the player. There are invisible hands, people who work very hard to bring new albums into the market, and they are the record labels.
Rottweiler has performed this work with great bands (like Immortal Souls and Sacrificium, for example), and we feel privileged to work with them.

Tell us a little bit about the first single, “Vivente.”
The song “Vivente” — it means “alive” — is the result of a combined collaboration of music, poetry and spirituality. We have talked many times about pain and suffering as a part of life. But this song speaks about another part of existence: hope and resurrection. It is a reflection on life and death as opposing forces, complementary, and is a way to bring hope and strength to fight each day. For us, this song is the culmination point in our music and writing.

Your new album, Silentium, will finally be available in February. What are some notes on the release as a whole?
Silentium is an album conceived and designed to hear as a whole. The songs individually have a particular meaning, but only those who can hear the entire album will understand the complete meaning. The whole album is like one song, different at times, similar to the works of classical music. Each song is a worthy moment and communicates different states of mind. Silentium‘s music has also been written to communicate states of the soul. The music expresses the message from the band. Do not forget that the word Aggelos means “messenger,” and that our message is contained in our music. If someone wants to know what Aggelos means and what it communicates, then this new album is going to explain it very well.

Silentium is scheduled for release on Feb. 19.


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