Slospeak Records just announced that Pioneer’s single, “Treason,” is now #1 on the BDS Radio Chart. The track is the first single off the pop/rock act’s self-titled full length that released last month.
The single debuted at #28 and “Most Added” it’s first week out. From there it quickly climbed to the top of the chart, with air play on stations across the country. In addition, Broken FM and Christian Rock 20. Substream Music Press exclusively streamed “Treason” a week before the release date. One reviewer even touted the record as a contender for best album of the year.
“Right now, I’m willing to state that Pioneer is the best new artist of 2012 thus far…Pioneer has left us with one of the best pop rock albums I have heard in a long time…Pioneer is a good dose of alternative rock with some pop punk qualities.” – Jesus Freak Hideout.

“Pioneer completely threw my Christian rock misconceptions out the door. These guys, without a doubt, make catchy music that totally rocks.” – Pluggedin Promotions

“None of the songs are void of a hook, whether it’s a catchy melody, guitar riff, drum beat, or effect. Pioneer pushed themselves in a challenging direction as musicians, but it was a successful push, because their self-titled album is worth the listen and will have at least one part that gets stuck in your head.” Mind Equals Blown

The next few months include a spring tour, new music video and summer festival performances. Stay tuned for updates. For review copies of the record or to schedule interviews, please see below.

Pioneer is the story of five Midwest boys who love music. What they thought would only be a summer musical fling developed into tours during spring and winter breaks. Three years later and Pioneer (formerly known as News from Verona) touts national tours with bands like Manic Drive and festivals including Ichthus, Cornerstone and Spirit West coast. Their latest record dropped January 24, 2012. Pioneer is: Josh Randolph (vocals, keys), Chad Shirrell (guitar,vocals), Dalton Meyers (guitar), Daniel Voris (drums) and Nick Berry (bass). For continual updates, logon to FacebookTwitter and their Web site.


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