While many know Peter Furler as founder and lead singer of the multi-million selling band newsboys, few are privy to the more private side of Furler’s creative life.

What most of us didn’t know, is that Peter has another artistic gift, that of oil painting.

Currently, Furler’s paintings can be seen in record company offices, recording studios and management firms. Now, for the first time, he is placing six of his original paintings on eBay for collectors and fans.

No doubt many investors and fans will be looking to own a piece of Furler’s legacy. The paintings, like his music, show another side of the imagination of one of CCM’S most successful singer/songwriters.

“I love mixing paint colors, just like I love mixing guitar chords,” says Furler. “Out of one comes something you’ve never seen before, out of the other, a song you’ve never heard.”

One of the unique and creative aspects of Furler’s paintings is the form in which they appear. While some of his art is painted on regular canvas, Furler also has a series of paintings (Garden of Eden) that are painted on drum heads (see above).

Although Furler has been newsboys’ frontman for the past 12 years, he started with the band as its drummer and is pleased to see his art take full circle.

For those interested in purchasing one of Furler’s pieces, search Peter Furler paintings on eBay. The auctions close between 1:00 pm CST and 4:00 pm CST on Friday, December 11.

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To view more of Furler’s paintings, visit his online gallery at peterfurler.com.


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