Kasey Takes Off with Perspectives

Meet Kasey–someone who has been on a journey to find her most strategic place in completing the Great Commission.  Read how she spends her days planting the desire to go to the nations through Perspectives classes and booking flights for those who go through her day job as a travel agent.

World Christian Habits

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Collegiate Day of Prayer–Coming Up!

For almost 100 years our nation reserved a special day each year to pray for its colleges and God answered with an era of spiritual awakenings.  Is there any reason why this histsoric day of prayer should not continue? If you agree there is not, read on.  Read the stories of what God did in 2010 as this day again became a reality on college campuses.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

“So why do Chrsitians think everyone else is lost?”  It’s a common question that comes up in conversations with international students about differing world religions.  Check out these helpful websites, based on what the Wrod of God really says.

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Anyone Can Go and Tell Stories!

Here’s a great video from Storyrunners explaining in a fun way how going to another culture and engaging them by telling Bible stories really works.

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Watch and Let Your Heart Be Stirred for Asia

Watch these videos from Historymakers to remember why our Great Commission that Jesus left us should drive our schedules and our life purposes.

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Culture Stress…And Anything a Missionary Might Want to Know

Read here an excellent assessment of Culture Stress from one of the many downloadable books from missionarycare.com, What Missionaries Ought to Know.  Why not explore this site.  It’s a wealth of information and resources for the issues those who “go” face on the field.

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Tentmakers to Meet in March

If you’re looking into using your business skills to go to the nations, or are already planning to go, don’t miss this four-day gathering March 2-6 in Fort Myers, Florida.  The curriculum will cover biblical foundations, challenges, teams, andmany practical issues.

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So Many Books, So Little Time

You can benefit from David Mays’ excellent book reviews on all the books you are hearing people talk about–and possibly many yet undiscovered.  Then decide what you actually want to read!  Sign up to receive these by email or check them out as they are posted on his website.

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