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There’s good reason for why everyone from Spin and iTunes to Yahoo! and AOL sing the praises of Minnesota’s Owl City. The one-man electropop heavyweight, Adam Young, writes gems that shine as bright as a summer festival day. Their follow-up to 2008’s Maybe I’m Dreaming, Ocean Eyes has pop sensibilities that hook your attention with carefully placed blips and sparks over the wildly danceable electronic drums. It’s almost so good — and catchy — it’s almost impossible not pay attention to Owl City because you’ll be singing it later.

It does find Young maturing a bit more, yet completely retaining his youthful zeal and appeal in the songwriting. His resonant tenor still moves effortlessly through the laptop-driven material, and songs like “Fireflies” and “Vanilla Twilight” instantly stand out. I’d even call “Fireflies” an instant classic with what could be this year’s catchiest tune. As heads start to turn, this is obviously only the beginning for Owl City.


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