Slōspeak just announced its newest signee – Owen Pye. Owen is the third artist to join the roster and the first singer/songwriter. Both parties are very excited with this new development and have already begun working toward a 2012 release.    Says Owen of the partnership: “I now have support from people that care about me and what I’m doing, AND know what the heck they are talking about. I’m so looking forward to working with guys like Davy [Baysinger]. Everyone I’ve met in the Slōspeak community, when I talk to them, seems to be getting it right.” He plans to have 12 new songs ready to bring to the studio in March. “I suspect soon after the release of that magical record, there will be more tour dates than I can count,” he hopes. “And I suspect that if someone is reading this, I will eventually get to shake their hand and say, ’sup’.”   Owen spent the past few days working with Slōspeak’s songwriting mentor to hone his craft and further develop his skills for this next record. Owen takes elements from his surroundings, friends, family, bad habits, articles he reads and sermons he hears – and combines them all to create relevant songs. And he of course never forgets to ask his wife’s input. “She’s smart, likes good music and is really honest. So if it sucks, she’ll tell me and then I’ll probably go write a song about how sad I am that she didn’t like the first song,” Owen reveals.   It’s this honesty and charisma that attracted SlōSpeak to Owen Pye in the first place. After hearing the record and seeing his live show, A&R Davy Baysinger just had to contact him.  “His songs are creative and honest, and in a wonderfully simplistic way he is able to convey the deepest truths about life and God.  It’s evident, the more time I spend with him, the truths he sings about actually permeates his life.”

Slospeak Welcomes Owen Pye
ABOUT OWEN PYE: Owen is a young singer/songwriter from the Missouri/Illinois border. He likes music, his family and has a cool blog. His latest full length, The Truth About Man, can be found on iTunes. He won the AgapeFest Battle of the Bands in 2011, showcased at South by Southwest and toured with both Nick Flora and Dear Future. Owen signed with SloSpeak in November, marking a new milestone in his career. For more information, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, his blog and Web site.


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