On Point Audio Introduces ACTIVE Speakers Featuring Powersoft® Amplifiers

On Point Audio, an innovative designer and builder of top-class professional loudspeaker systems, is showing its line of ACTIVE speakers featuring Powersoft® amplifiers and digital signal processing at NAMM 2012 in booth #6894 in Anaheim, California.

On Point Audio’s ACTIVE speakers use amplifiers and digital signal processors made by Powersoft® in Scandicci, Italy. Powersoft® amps are used by a number of high-profile tour companies worldwide thanks to their unique combination of warm analog sound quality, wide dynamic range, tremendous electrical efficiency, light weight and rugged reliability.

Powersoft® amplifiers combine state-of-the-art design and rock-solid construction quality that match perfectly with On Point Audio’s top-grade transducers. Powersoft® amps’ 50 V/ μsec slew rate ensures unconstructed transients for more lifelike reproduction.

The OPA 10 ACTIVE is a 10-inch two-way system with large-format components, a tour-class 13-ply birch enclosure and 1,000 watts of DSP controlled Powersoft® power.  The OPA 10 ACTIVE is equipped with a 90o x 40o horn that’s fully rotatable, and is equipped with 10 x M10 inserts and a 35 mm pole socket for flexibility for portable or installed applications.

The OPA 15 ACTIVE 15-inch two-way that utilizes On Point Audio’s Narrow-ProfileTM 15-inch woofer thereby permitting an enclosure size smaller than some 12-inch systems. The OPA 15 ACTIVE features large-format components, a High-Q 60o x 40o horn, plus 1,000 watts of DSP-controlled Powersoft® power.

The OPA SUB ACTIVE is a 18-inch subwoofer system packed with a 1,000 watt Powersoft® amplifier into a compact enclosure. OPA SUB ACTIVE’s enclosure is made of rigidly braced 18-mm birch 13-ply Marine-grade birch and it comes with heavy-duty rear-mounted casters as well as a screw-on pole for suspending two-way systems.

“The On Point Audio ACTIVE systems represent the perfect marriage of premium-class transducers, state-of-the-art Powersoft® electronics and rock-solid enclosures. Everyone who has heard these systems have blown away by their sound, build quality and flexibility,” says On Point Audio president and founder Doug MacCallum.



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