On Point Audio Subwoofer Systems Garnishing Rave Reviews

On Point Audio, an innovative designer and builder of top-class professional loudspeaker systems, has been getting rave reviews for the performance of its subwoofer systems. On Point Audio will be exhibiting its line of products at NAMM 2012 in booth #6894 in Anaheim, California January 19 – 23, 2012.

One contractor in Texas reported “there’s nothing out there even at 2 or 3 times the price that will touch these!” A consultant in Ohio said “it’s hard to believe that these are so good for so little money”! An installer in California reports “these BLOW AWAY anything that I’ve heard – especially in a big room.”

On Point Audio’s OPA 118 Sub and OPA 218 Sub (single and dual 18-inch subwoofers) use vented slot design and deep enclosure geometry. Their 18-inch drivers are mounted on angled baffles, keeping the enclosures short and slim to match the look of the On Point Audio full-range systems.

The OPA 118 SUB’s front is smaller than a typical 15-inch sub and the OPA 218 SUB’s front is smaller than a dual 15-inch sub. However, these subs have deep enclosures to generate impressive deep bass and to keep their sensitivity high.
In On Point Audio’s design, the rear wave produced by the woofer goes into the deep enclosure’s tuned chamber and is released through a vented slot. The sound of OPA SUBs has punch and impact and fills up large areas very well.

Although the enclosures are deep, OPA SUBS have strategically-placed rear wheels and side-mounted handles that makes moving them comfortable and easy.

“On Point Audio’s line of subwoofers includes competitively-unique passive models as well as a powered model. Every product in the line delivers top-line performance and are unbelievable values” says On Point Audio president and founder Doug MacCallum. “For portable use, for rental and for fixed installation, there is a On Point Audio model that will deliver truly professional results for discriminating users.”


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