Azrael “The Harrowing of Hell” Demo CD $7.99 USD BRAND NEW!

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Nokternal Hemizphear proudly announces that it is officially distributing Azrael’s demo “The Harrowing of Hell”. Hailing from Canada, this fresh duo drives a raw and spirited holy black metal onslaught. With a varied musical background, their black metal and death metal influences are woven throughout the tapestry of musical madness. Dismas and Blodhemn have spent time in bands and musical projects to the likes of Atrous Leviathan, Nevernear, and even Black Autumn. Coming from a background of Satanism, now saved by the blood of Jesus Chirst, Azrael wields the mighty and terrible sword of the Lord! True to their faith in Jesus Christ, Azrael’s message targets the lies of Satan and the blasphemous rites that surround Satanism. Dismas and Blodhemn breathe (or rather scream) fresh air into an old school black metal format. Their lyrical themes are passionate like that of Watain and Horde, while their lo – fi musical ferocity and grimness is akin to Fire Throne, Horna, Drowning the Light, and Satanic Warmaster. Outside of the legendary technical death metal act, Sympathy, Christian extreme metal has not come from the great northern lands of Canada. Azrael, steps into the battle with a cry that muster the brethren and plague the legions of the damned. Dismas’ voice literally goes through wildly intense moments as he unleashes his tongue against the lies of Satan and evil propaganda. You do not want to miss this! “The Harrowing of Hell” is 4 tracks of blunt, unwavering holy black metal from the Canadian northlands. Chaotic. Intense. Minimalistic. Anti – misanthropic. Unblasphemous.

Authentically autographed, this demo is released in very low quantities and made in the spirit of the underground. Do not hesitate on this one folks. If you love it raw, minimalistic, and scary, this is what you are looking for.

A good friend of mine and solid brother in Christ from the Holy Black Metal project Armath Sargon has released a free download of his entire musical soundscape encompassing the whole book of Revelation in 2 discs. Almost 2 hours of music! Help support this great Christian metal minister and look for more Armath Sargon in the near future! This is some fun stuff and free for you to download here

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Uzias “Herencias De Maldad” $6.99 USD

Pulverizing brutal death metal! This brings back memories of Clemency, Crimson Thorn, old Mortification, and Krig! This stuff will restart your heart if it does not knock your head off in the process. Bring the metal baby! Uzias knows how to bring a solid biblical message wrapped in a metal fist!

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Holy smokes, I found another awesome classic live video of Eternal Ryte from back in the 1980’s! Check out the solo work and sweet talent of Bobby Smith on guitar and the righteous vocals by Phil St. Vincent. We have the ultimate collector’s cd (2 discs) of Eternal Ryte in the shop. It is perfect and so wonderfully produced by our friends at Roxx Productions. Wow!

Eternal Ryte “Someone – live”:

Eternal Ryte “World Requiem” 2 CD Anthology $16.99 USD BRAND NEW!

Words for the War (Metal Devotional)

For the month of February, we thought it would be fun to go back in time over our last 4 years. We are going to dig out some of our most favorite metal devotionals from over the last 4 years and share with you. We felt that it would be a great time to share some messages that we have written in the past and to see how they encourage us today. So, throughout the month of February, don’t miss it as we jump back in time to check out some older metal devotionals.

“Ride the Fence” from 1/5/11

The day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. Since everything

will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be?You ought to live holy and godly lives. (2 Peter 3:10-11)

There is no “in-between” area. No fairytale, grace land. The day will come when the elements of the earth will be consumed by fire. When it comes, in a time that none of us can predict, it will be swift and separating. There will be no white-picket fence to stroll along like a crafty cat. The saying “he who rides the fence, gets it in the balls” in a sarcastic vein sheds the painful truth. In most of life, it is a poor decision to “ride the fence” on matters of choice like moralism, relativism, societal issues, and the list goes on and on. However, the worst idea that a person can toy with is to “ride the fence” when it comes to the topic of what will happen to them when their death comes. This is no joke!

We all have the choice to live in those “in-between” areas. We can choose to live more black and white, excepting truth and no other… or we can attempt the tip-toe walk atop the fence, hoping to God that we don’t actually fall, like we fear might happen. It’s like trying to walk off of a cliff, knowing what you are doing, but telling yourself that you will be “alright” or “fine”. Maybe you will even have enough time to change your mind before you splat on the ground below!?!


You can’t live a holy and godly life that gives testimony to the goodness of Jesus Christ and the power of His saving blood, if you are eyeballs deep in porn, your stomach is stuffed with booze, your veins are oozing of a drug-filled injection, your mouth smells like crap coz that is all that comes out of it, your money is strangling your Ebenezer heart of scrooge, or your belief is that you command your own destiny, thus unwisely dabbling with individualism, heroism, Satanism, atheism, agnostic, witchcraft, occultism and so on!

Damned foolishness!

Again, the choice is all of ours. I love how the words of Joshua drill directly between the middle of the eyes on this…

But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, … But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)

–          Jason (NH Metal)


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