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The Christian music industry was intrigued when Michael Tait, a former member of the highly acclaimed group DC Talk, joined another distinguished band, Newsboys. Interestingly, none of the original members of Newsboys are in the current lineup, yet drummer Duncan Philips, guitarist Jody Davis and keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein have been a part of the band for over 20 years.

Restart is the third studio album to feature Tait, and this album once again proves why Newsboys stays at the forefront of CCM. This particular album, however, is unlike their previous albums as it’s packed with electrifying beats rivaling radio pop music.

The moody synths and pulsing drums of “Disaster” make this track one of the highlights on the record. “I had to fall apart to find that You love me even after I am a disaster,” Tait sings. Other notable invigorating electronic tracks include “That’s How You Change the World,” “Go Glow” and “Love Like I Mean It.” Grab a tissue before you listen to the quiet piano ballad “That Home.” The lyrics recount an especially heartfelt story about a mother’s legacy of love. The deluxe edition of the record includes five bonus tracks, including four more club-inspired tunes (especially “God Is Movin’”) and a cover of Hillsong’s “Stronger.”

Restart is packed with tracks that compete with the quality of today’s current mainstream pop music, and the lyrics are much more positive, encouraging and wholesome than what is on the radio. It will be a contender for best pop album of the year in the CCM market.