The Devil Wears Prada News
The Devil Wears Prada just had the most successful year of their career – covers of Revolver, Alternative Press, Outburn, AMP and HM, played the Main Stage at Warped Tour, plus the Sounds of the Underground tour, saw their third album, With Roots Above and Branches Below, debut at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts and was nominated for a Golden God Award. So, what is
The Devil Wears Prada going to do now? Release their first-ever EP, the conceptual Zombie EP on August 24 (Ferret Music). “The whole thing is just completely based upon zombies,” explained TDWP’s front man Mike Hranica. ”Last fall, I was on a real zombie kick, I read “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks, and I thought, ‘what if we made a zombie song?’ All it took was me just saying that to the band, and we had our hearts set on doing this EP.” Zombie EP is an extremely heavy record that includes songs such as “Survivor,” that follows the plight of a man who loses his beloved to the undead and ultimately, in surviving the zombie plague, spends his days warding off the brain-starved and loneliness. The story continues to unfold with the tracks “Outnumbered,” “Escape,” “Revive,” and “Anatomy.” Serious TDWP fans will note that the Zombie EP song titles are straight-ahead and serious, unlike the “joke” titles that the band’s full-length CDs have been known to feature – “Reptar, King of the Ozone” from 2007’s Plagues, as an example. “The sound is definitely The Devil Wears Prada, but so much more,” Hranica continues. ”It’s sinister and bad-ass.” Guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster agrees, maintaining that Zombie EP is faster than anything TDWP has done before. ”It’s going to be sick,” said DePoyster. ”It’s us, but it’s more Hatebreed-influenced and just straight-up thrash metal-influenced with some serious Slayer riffs.” The release of Zombie EP will be preceded by a major Summer tour, with TDWP playing some of the biggest venues of their career, and multiple nights in some of the smallest, 25,000 screaming kids one night, and 250 hot and sweaty fans the next. The “Back To The Roots” tour, in partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink, kicked off last week and will go through to the Labor Day weekend. “We wanted to go back to our roots,” said Hranica, “play little hole-in-the-wall places where fans can be right there in front of the stage, where we can hand someone a mic and really have the fans be an active part of the show, not behind a barrier ten feet away.” Fans can pre-order Zombie EP at tdwp.merchnow.com/products/118686.
Tour Dates:
7/9 – Albany, NY
7/10 – Albany, NY
7/11 – Buffalo, NY
7/13 – Des Moines, IA
7/14 – Des Moines, IA
7/15 – St. Louis, MO
7/16 – Lawrence, KS
7/17 – Willmar, MN
7/19 – Grand Junction, CO
7/21 – Reno, NV
7/22 – Sacramento, CA
7/23 – Sacramento, CA
7/25 – Anaheim, CA
7/26 – Anaheim, CA
7/28 – San Diego, CA
7/29 – San Diego, CA
7/31 – Longmont, CO
8/2 – Dallas, TX
8/3 – Austin, TX
8/4 – Austin, TX
8/5 – Midland, TX
8/8 – Tokyo, Japan
8/11 – Tampa, FL
8/12 – Tampa, FL
8/13 – Orlando, FL
8/14 – Orlando, FL
8/15 – Atlanta, GA
8/17 – Raleigh, NC
8/18 – Baltimore, MD
8/19 – Baltimore, MD
8/20 – Philadelphia, PA
8/21 – Philadelphia, PA
8/22 – New York, NY
8/23 – New York, NY
8/25 – Boston, MA
8/26 – Boston, MA
8/27 – Allentown, PA
8/28 – Cleveland, OH
8/29 – Cleveland, OH
9/4 – Frenchtown, NJ

Intense Millennium Records Releases Collectors Edition
Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International has signed on with Intense Millennium Records to provide liner notes on a number of titles that will be released in 2011, as well as the first 5 titles to be released in November of 2010. Pastor Bob had written introductions to most of the titles released on the original Intense Records label. We also want you the fans to know that we have been listening to the numerous comments that we have been receiving. First we would like to address the controversy in regards to the new artwork produced. We will still be using all new artwork for the covers, however we have found a solution in regards to people’s wishes for the preservation of the original cover art. All releases will have reversible covers with the original covers. You will have the option of displaying the new or original cover. We are working hard on collecting as much bonus material as possible for each of the releases. So far we have some awesome never before released live recordings and demo recordings. Preorders will begin on August 1st for our first five titles. We have some special treats that will be available to those that preorder early. As well there will be a discounted package available for a limited time for those that wish to pick up all five titles. The first 5 titles that will be released are:
Vengeance – Human Sacrifice
Few albums can claim to have started a musical movement like “Human Sacrifice“. While thrash metal had already been well established by 1988, only a handful of bands had attempted to combine such fast, heavy music with lyrics reflecting faith in Christ. None of these bands had released anything more than demos or a couple tracks on compilations until this monster of an album came roaring onto the scene. Fusing fast riffing, driving bass and drums, hyper-speed bluesy lead guitar, and just enough melody to make things more memorable, “Human Sacrifice” did more than just introduce Christianity to the genre – it revolutionized the developing style of “Christian metal” in a way no previous band or album had done. Vengeance Rising raised the stakes and gave fellow thrashers a unique album that set the bar for future releases.
Vengeance Rising – Once Dead
Where Vengeance Rising’s debut “Human Sacrifice” stormed onto the scene and created quite a stir, “Once Dead” tightened the thrash attack into a well-oiled machine. While the band’s debut was experimental and diverse, “Once Dead” was a snapshot of a band seasoned by touring and songwriting, with a more consistent approach that capitalized on thrash metal’s calling card – velocity. Vengeance Rising’s second album is rife with fast, thrashy anthems that take their sound to the next level, ramping up the volume, intensity, and energy even more. When other thrash bands were starting to slow down, Vengeance Rising took the opposite approach for maximum effect.
Sacred Warrior – Rebellion
The burgeoning Christian metal movement had several notable bands by the mid 1980’s. None, however, took the progressive elements of pioneers like Queensryche and Fates Warning and combined them with the pure energy and heaviness present in much of the thrash metal of the time. Enter Sacred Warrior – a band that skillfully and successfully combined these two elements to create a metallic attack that rivaled many of their contemporaries, and stands the test of time as one of the greats of the era. “Rebellion”, the band’s auspicious debut, capitalizes on that potent mixture by offering up searing riffs, lightning fast solos, soaring vocals, and a rhythm section that thundered with authority.
Bloodgood – Bloodgood
Heavy Metal has been accused by its detractors as all sounding the same. While the mid-80’s saw a glut of metal bands cashing in on the style,many of which sounded the same as the next band, no one could accuse Bloodgood of being a sound-alike. Combining a melodic, classic heavy metal approach with the uniquely operatic vocals of Les Carlson, Bloodgood carved out its own niche in the metal scene by offering up listeners a potent mix of high-pitched vocal wails, melodic yet energetic guitar riffing, a tight rhythm section, and memorable songs that would stay with you for weeks. This powerful blend came shining through on Bloodgood’s self-titled debut album, and quickly set the bar for metal bands wishing to share their faith with the world.
Bloodgood – Detonation
Bloodgood’s second album, “Detonation”, was the perfect follow-up to their high-energy debut, and raised the bar even higher for faith-based metal bands. The fast songs were faster, the emotion in the songs was more intense, and the musical attack was tighter. The lyrics were also stronger, as the band took on some fairly unpopular topics like suicide and homelessness. Truly a landmark album in the scene, this classic contains the duo of songs “Crucify” and “Messiah” that showed what a real metal band could do with such emotionally charged subject matter and pull it off with such ease.
Intense Millennium Records is dedicated to releasing fully licensed material from one of the most prolific group of record labels to exist in the Christian Metal scene, the Intense/Frontline/Alarma Records group.

Mychildren Mybride Debut New Video
MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE have debuted the brand new video for their single ‘Terra Firma’ on AOL Noisecreep! ‘Terra Firma’ comes from the band’s sophomore record, Lost Boy. The record is already seeing amazing numbers, including a new a debut charting position of #156 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart! Lost Boy also charted at #1 in it’s first week on CMJ’s Most Added chart in the Loud Rock category! MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE recently released an iPhone and iTouch app. The app is available now on iTunes right now! Click the embedded link to check out the app! The app helps you to retrieve the latest MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE news and updates, watch videos, view photos, listen to music, and communicate with other fans. Make sure to catch MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE on the road now with HASTE THE DAY! The band is also headed out with AUGUST BURNS RED, which will take place in early July. To top off this exciting touring news, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE has announced more dates after their run with AUGUST BURNS RED!
Tour Dates:
7/9 – Oshkosh, WI
7/17 – Wilamar, MN
7/28 – Charlotte, NC
7/29 – Lynchburg, VA
7/30 – Berlin, MD
7/31 – Elmira, NY
8/1 – London, ON
8/2 – Windsor, ON
8/3 – Ottawa, ON
8/4 – Trois-Rivières, QC
8/5 – Bucksport, ME
8/6 – Gilford, NH
8/7 – Worcester, MA
8/14 – Lewisberry, PA
9/5 – Frenchtown, NJ

Abandon Kansas Heads Out On Tour
Although they are one of Alternative Press Magazine’s “Bands You Need To Know in 2010” Abandon Kansas is already looking forward to 2011 as they’ve already hit the studio to begin work on their next CD release with producer Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K, Deas Vail, House of Heroes). This indie pop/rock act will surprise you with their sincerity with every listen to their latest EP release, We’re All Going Somewhere. Check out the band’s latest video for the track ”I Wonder If It’s Me” premiering on their website. With an extensive touring schedule and DIY work ethic the band has already garnered a legion of loyal fans and Abandon Kansas is determined to continue to bring their music to the masses.
Tour Dates:
7/9 – Olympia, WA
7/10 – Camas, WA
7/11 – Seattle, WA
7/13 – Walla Walla, WA
7/14 – Garden City, ID
7/16 – Salt Lake City, UT
7/17 – Greeley’s CO
7/18 – Scott City, KS
7/23 – Lawrence, KS
7/25 – Ames, IA
7/26 – Iowa City, IA
7/27 – St. Louis, MO
7/28 – Springfield, MO
7/29 – Joplin, MO
8/1 – Wichita, KS
8/14 – Lewisberry, PA
8/15 – Crofton, MD

Free Track From House Of Heroes
Gotee Records band House Of Heroes is set to release their latest effort, SUBURBA on August 3, produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K, Deas Vail) and mixed by J.R. McNeely(The Almost, Paramore). In anticipation of SUBURBA, Gotee Records and House of Heroes have come up with a “tweet and download” campaign for fans that kicked off on June 29. AJ and I went to the 4th of July fireworks in the ritzy part of town 2 years ago” states lead singer Tim Skipper. “We had parked in a neighborhood nearby and had to walk a bit. All of the houses were deserted and the garage doors were open and it was just very bizarre. AJ looked at us and said, “This would be heaven for some punk kids looking to rob these people.” A week and a few sweet riffs later, we had a song about that very thing. We’re always trying to think of interesting subject matter to write about, and I think this song really stands out. Plus, it’s about as balls out rock n’ roll as anything we’ve ever done! We’ve created a nice little collection of fans through freehoh.com and we’re just dying to get some music from ‘Suburba’ out to them, so giving away a song called ‘Independence Day For a Petty Thief ‘a week before July 4th, just fits so well”. SUBURBA is an album like nothing else you will hear today. And for that fact alone, it is a victory of epic proportions. Endlessly poppy, galactically ambitious, and dripping with honest, candid emotion, this is what a rock record is supposed to sound like. This is what a rock record is supposed to feel like.
Tour Dates:
7/10 – Dallas, TX
7/11 – Texarkana, TX
7/13 – Nashville, TN
7/22 – Enumclaw, WA
7/26 – Tiffin, OH
8/1 – St. Louis, MO
8/3 – Chicago, IL
8/4 – Grand Rapids, MI
8/6 – Akron, OH
8/7 – Columbus, OH
8/11 – Richmond, VA
8/14 – Lewisberry, PA
8/20 – The Netherlands
9/4 – Albuquerque, NM
9/5 – Worthington, SD

12 Stones Gear Up To Release New Single
New Orleans-based Christian / alt rockers 12 Stones are gearing up for their first release since 2007’s ‘Anthem for the Underdog’ with a barn burner of a first single, ‘We Are One’ — which is, incidentally, super anthemic, with a driving, ultra-catchy chorus. It’s as though the tune was written expressly to get juices flowing, blood pumping, testosterone kicking and energy roaring. Turns out, the song, was inspired by 12 Stones’ recent trip to San Diego, where they played for troops at Navy SEALs Convention in Coronado. The only thing tougher than a gathering of Navy SEALs would be a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick! “Prior to playing the event, we were lucky enough to go to the actual Navy SEALs training camp and participate in some of the various obstacles that the SEALs have to go through,” guitarist Justin Rimer told Noisecreep. “It was a simply amazing experience, and we have a whole new respect for what these guys do and the sacrifices they make. “12 Stones has always been a big supporter of our troops and the lives they lead to ensure our freedoms, but I think this experience, in particular, really opened our eyes even more to the harsh reality that is their lives. And not to mention how bad ass these dudes really are!” ‘We Are One’ has a bit of a sports arena vibe as well, and we can imagine the song bellowing in the hallowed halls of a hockey arena or a baseball stadium on a hot August night. Hell, it would have been the perfect sonic accompaniment to the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints during their parade in the hometown they share with 12 Stones, something Rimer acknowledges. “We truly wrote this for our troops, but sure, when we were writing it, we knew we had the opportunity to connect with people on so many levels,” the guitarist said. “‘We Are One’ is a statement for all types of people and all types of situations. I think many sports teams can really latch onto this song. I would love to hear it in as many sports arenas as possible. Go Saints!”

Attack Of The Wolf King Out Now
Haste The Day’s new album “Attack Of The Wolf King” is available in stores and online now! You can pick it up at your local Best Buy, Hot Topic. Walmart or wherever you buy music! Or you can download the album online at either iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Shockhound. There’s also a Special Edition of the album available that includes the following:
– “Attack Of The Wolf King” album with three exclusive bonus tracks, including a cover song of The Black Eyed Peas song “Meet Me Half Way.”
– A DVD featuring behind the scenes tour footage from tours in the US, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Columbia, Panama. It also contains the music videos for “Stitches,” “Madman” and a very special unreleased music video.
– Exclusive Special Edition artwork.

The Showdown Posts New Video Blog
Have you ever wondered what it is like to go through the grueling process of recording a full-length record? Well, Tennessee’s Southern-fried heavy metal outfit, The Showdown, is giving fans the opportunity to catch a behind-the-scenes look at the their recent recording session in Nashville, as they record their fourth studio album, Blood In The Gears, to be released on Solid State Records on August 24th. Go here to see the band cook various Southern delicacies and enjoy a rare Tennessee snowfall, as they track drums for the forthcoming record. The Showdown will post more behind-the-scenes footage each week, so stay tuned for updates. Blood In The Gears was recorded and produced by The Showdown’s own Jeremiah Scott (bass) at his home studio, Anthem Productions. The album was mixed by Steve Blackmon (Living Sacrifice, Project 86), with Troy Glessener at Spectre handling the mastering. Artwork comes courtesy of Ryan Clark at Invisible Creature Inc. The track “Blood In The Gears” is available for streaming on the band’s officialMySpace page. Blood In The Gears is The Showdown’s second Solid State release, following 2008’s Back Breaker.

Onward To Olympas News
Facedown’s Onward to Olympas are heading out with Solid State’s Becoming the Archetype and To Speak of Wolves (Aug 10-15) for a late summer tour. The Bring Your Own Bowl Cut Tour will run from July 29th to August 15th and Becoming the Archetype will be handing out a free shirt each night to the person with the best bowl cut.
Tour Dates:
7/29 – Greenville, SC
7/30 – Virginia Beach, VA
7/31 – Lynchburg, VA
8/1 – Linthicum Heights, MD
8/2 – New Castle, DE
8/3 – Fredericksburg, VA
8/4 – Clinton, NJ
8/5 – Lemoyne, PA
8/7 – Gilford, NH
8/8 – Gilford, NH
8/10 – Cleveland, OH
8/11 – Westland, MI
8/12 – Richmond, IN
8/13 – Owensboro, KY
8/14 – Columbia, SC
8/15 – Trinity, AL
For more information on Onward To Olympas, visit:

Gungor Inspires Unparalleled Worship Experience
Over four months after releasing their acclaimed album, Beautiful Things, Gungor took their original worship experience on tour making stops in Nashville, TN and Chambersburg, PA the last week of June. The “Beautiful Things Tour” comes just after Gungor finished a successful run with John Mark McMillan. The band will also embark on an additional leg of the “Beautiful Things Tour” this fall. Also endorsing the band and the Beautiful Things events is GRAMMY ® winner Israel Houghton who was Michael Gungor’s co-writer on the hit “Friend of God.” To see and hear a glimpse of the Beautiful Things event from the band along with additional thoughts from Houghton, go here. The band’s 2008 debut on Brash Music, Ancient Skies, garnered critical acclaim. Beautiful Things (BRASH) is the band’s sophomore release, and the third CD release for Michael Gungor.
For more information on Gungor, visit:

A Sequence Of Ghosts Release Debut Album
Ambient hardcore outfit A SEQUENCE OF GHOSTS release their first self titled album. The three track EP is essentially an assault on the senses. Bringing back remnants of the hardcore genre that most seem to overlook these days, ASOG is looking to the future of experimental and ambient rock to present to their fans and listeners with the best possible set of songs. The various influences displayed by the five members really shine through providing a unique listening experience. By the end, you’ll be wanting more. “The EP is a something real and fresh that a wide spectrum of people will enjoy. We are musicians from way different bands that have the same passion to make meaningful music. I think the EP is something that people will be able to latch on to and will start a lasting relationship with A Sequence of Ghosts.” Vocalist Jesse Conn. Conn and guitarist Zane Callister are former members of Post-Hardcore band The Thirty, from St. Joseph, MO. After two years of intense touring (over 350 shows in 2007-2009) the band parted ways in July of 2009, but Jesse and Zane still felt a divine calling towards music and ministry. That drive would eventually lead them to forming A Sequence of Ghosts, a name stemming from the band’s belief that we are to be of the world but not in the world. The band will be celebrating the release of the album today with a CD release show in Kansas City. The album will be available for purchase on itunes and if you’re lucky enough to catch ASOG at a show coming near you soon.

Stars Go Dim Gives Away Music
Download ALL of Stars Go Dim’s music for FREE! All they ask is that you share it with as many people as possible. Deal? Give their album to your friends, family, co-workers, Facebook friends, strangers…everybody! Burn CDs and hand them out, email your friends the download link, Tweet the link, and post on all your social websites. This is our way of saying thank you for your amazing support. Go here to download the music.

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