Stucck™ Is Shopping Gone Social

Facebook App Helps Consumers Decide Between Products Based on Friend Feedback

Stucck differentiates itself from all other product evaluation platforms because it allows you to make the most educated decision with a little help from your friends

December 4th, 2011; Winston Salem, N.C.The Variable ( has officially Stucck logolaunched Stucck (, a Facebook application designed to aid consumers in deciding between two products for purchase. Stucck is an innovative e-commerce and social media application conceived, designed and launched by The Variable that enables a consumer to poll their Facebook friends on what to buy when “stuck” deciding between two products. Its interface displays an intuitive side-by-side comparison of the two items, and aggregates the user’s Facebook friends’ comments and votes for each in real time – ultimately; helping them make a more informed purchase decision based on advice they trust.

Stucck aims to help consumers navigate the advertising saturated marketplace by giving them a way to gather only the most trusted product reviews – that is those from family and friends.  The first virtual application of its kind to use social media as a consumer decision engine, Stucck applies the age-old truth about the power of personal, word-of-mouth recommendations.

For Stucck’s beta launch, featured product categories include books, movies, music, shoes, fashion and wireless. Stucck also features easy to use privacy settings that can be modified at the user’s convenience.  For example, if buying a gift, users can keep a Stucck hidden from the intended gift recipient by simply changing the Facebook share settings.

Stucck uses peer-to-peer social networks as a consumer’s decision engine for purchasing goods, utilizing the value of personal feedback and puts the power squarely in the users’ corner.  There is a rapidly growing relationship between a user’s social graph (web of social connections) and their ability to reference it for making choices. Stucckbrings it all together.

“The fact is, the more customers research their purchase options on the web, the more frustrated and confused they are becoming. Online product reviews are being overrun with paid marketing content and conflicting advice from people who simply don’t know you,” said Joe Parrish, Chief Creative Officer at The Variable. “We invented Stucck to make shopping an enjoyable experience again, something you can share with friends and make truly informed purchase decisions.”

The majority of consumers are having brand perceptions shaped and altered through social engagement. Brands fall into and out of favor as a result of the insights consumers are gaining from social media. In a case where the brand is not a category leader, the effect is more pronounced, and Stucck’s influence will play a greater substantive role than search in influencing brand perception.

Numerous studies support the notion that word-of-mouth is one of the greatest influences on brand choice.  For example, in a study about the role of social media in consumer behavior from Harris Interactive, 71% of respondents said reviews from family members and friends trump all other consumer touch points when it comes to influencing purchases.  “Especially during the holiday season, Americans are bombarded with ads and promotions as every brand vies for your attention, and your wallet,” said Keith Vest, President of The Variable. “Stucck will be a game-changer, as consumers are going to have a place where they help each other decide which products are really worth buying.”

About The Variable
The Variable, is a digitally informed marketing and communications lab. Based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the team at The Variable has built its business on combining proprietary data with exceptional creative that works. The Variable looks to work with clients hungry for innovation (in everything from marketing execution to payment terms) and measurable success. The Variable boasts a client roster of FORTUNE 500 companies and some of the most sought after creative talent in the country. For more information, visit The Variable’s newly launched website

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