With A Strong, Rapidly Growing Movie Audience Wanting “More” and Encouraging Hollywood to Continue to Make Positive, “Good” Films, Grassroots Organization Makes Major Move to Enable Those Voices to Be Heard

Movie to Movement™ (, a Los Angeles based organization which provides reviews, interviews, crowd sourcing, ticket purchasing, the ability for individuals, movie goers, fans, and passionate supporters to uniquely participate as Theater Captains, supports and promotes positive films and produces their own slate of films, has launched a new, unprecedented initiative called the Hollywood Statement of Support.

Realizing through years of experience in the Hollywood film business, that film is today’s most influential medium, the Movie to Movement staff is producing and promoting art that stretches across the globe without the barrier of language or borders, encouraging the creation of family friendly and faith building projects that encourage a culture of life, love and beauty.

The Movie to Movement team believes that “we change culture, but first we must change Hollywood.” By going to see Movie to Movement promoted films, movie goers will support good films and send a message to Hollywood that more films likes these need to be made.

“We want to communicate a positive message,” states Movie to Movement founder & president, Jason Jones.  “We are grateful to the production companies, producers, actors, writers, and everyone who works so hard to make films that have enriched our lives.  From ‘The Bells of St. Mary’ to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and from ‘Life is Beautiful’ to ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ Hollywood has shared with the world, the most beautiful elements of our culture and faith and we are committed to supporting films that promote a culture of life, love and beauty.”

The following Hollywood Statement of Support, will encourage industry professionals to make “good” projects, let their voice be heard, and show banding together with a strong team of supporters can elevate and propel the success of these films.  The Hollywood Statement of Support will be hand delivered to film influencers as well as independent and major studios on May 20, 2012, commemorating and celebrating Hollywood film legend, Jimmy Stewart’s birthday.


Art is the mirror of human life. So is entertainment. At their best, the two become one, and when that happens what we have is a classic – like the plays of William Shakespeare, the skyline of New York City, and the best films made in Hollywood. While Americans didn’t invent motion pictures, and many great films are made elsewhere, we have and still do set the standard for cinematic storytelling that explores all the medium’s power, without excluding the ordinary member of the audience who craves what all of us have since our ancestors told stories around flickering fires: a story that makes sense, means something, and moves us.

We in the Christian community are not immune to the appeal of well-made movies-nor do we want to be. While sometimes we might (like anyone else) take issue with decisions made in particular films, our attitude toward the unique and extraordinary art form that is the classic American film is one of gratitude and wonder.

We sit in the dark, eyes wide, and wait for you to tell us a story. When you tell us one that rings true to us, we will turn out in massive numbers, we will recommend you to friends, we will blog and Tweet and talk.

When you make a film that moves us, we will rent out buses to get all the people who’ve given up on modern movies back into the theater to see it. When you tell our stories, we’re thankful.

We the undersigned pledge to go on supporting the films you make that resonate with our life-stories, that treat our joys and sufferings (like others’) with the seriousness they deserve. You deserve to know that. If you make them, we will support them. If you build it, we will come.

For more information on the Hollywood Statement of Support, instructions on how to sign it personally, help promote and forward along to groups, organizations and partners, please visit


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