The 15th Mortification release is a 6 Song EP entitled “Scribe Of The Pentateuch”.
It is somewhat of a return to the early days with a lot of Deep & Brutal Death Metal Vocals, Ripping Rhythms & with Everything Louder Than Everything  Else! The Bass Guitar & Drums being Right Up in The Mix with The Guitars & Vocals. Imagine a Mix of an early Death Metal Album with The Tone & Modern Production of a Manowar Album. If you have never heard Manowar then it is something new for you, Incorporated are some Modern Higher Vocals similar to the Band Immortal. The Band has never been into the black metal sound at all but fans of theScrolls Album will remember the Higher Vocals on that Opus.
Some Traditional Heavy Metal influences can also be heard on a couple of the tracks. Especially in the song “In Garland Hall” that features Traditional Heavy Metal Vocals mixed in with the Deep Death Metal Vocals. As usual “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” sounds completely unique in comparison with the 14 previous releases with each of them being also Very Unique in their own Sound & Flavour.
The plan is to release in January 2012, to celebrate 20 Years since the release of Scrolls Of The Megilloth.  “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” also features The 5 Scrolls on The Album Cover. Scrolls Of The Megilloth covered 5 Books of The Old Testament- Song Of Songs, Ruth, Esther, Ecclesiastes & Lamentations. As a group when read at Jewish Feasts being titled the Books Of The Megilloth. Scribe Of The Pentateuch (The Song) covers The early books of The Old Testament written by Moses- Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy & Numbers. Also as a group titled the Books Of The Pentateuch. Mortification will initially be out playing Live locally in early 2012.
The New Lineup is- Steve Rowe- Vocals & Bass Guitar, Troy Dixon- Guitar & Andrew Esnouf- Drums.
Track List.
1- Extradiefor.
2- In Garland Hall.
3- The Jaws Of Life.
4- Scribe Of The Pentateuch.
5- Weapons Of Mass Salvation.
6- The White Death.


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