Even though Curb Records’ MIKESCHAIR is thrilled to officially release their first-ever music video, “Let The Waters Rise,” they are glad the video shoot is over. For those of us who spend time watching music videos instead of creating them, we don’t have any idea of the effort it takes to actually make one. Here’s MIKESCHAIR’s story.

Their unique video was shot on the Pacific Ocean coast among the beautiful scenery of Cape Kiwanda located in Pacific City, Oregon. With the coast and sand dunes as their backdrop, MIKESCHAIR – Mike Grayson, Sam Tinnesz, Jesse Hale and Jon Haire – immensely enjoyed their first video experience. Although, during the one-day shoot the filming became more than expected due to the intensity of the blaring sun, long treks up and down the vertical sand dunes, as well as the sandstone cliffs birthing gusty winds of sand, which you can see in the photos placed below. The guys laugh about it now, even more so as they continue to find sand creviced in their clothes and bags, and the video was filmed a few weeks ago!

There is no question that filming on the coast, with the dunes, a gorge, and the amazing sunset as the backdrop made the whole shoot worthwhile. The beach town of Pacific City has been known for over a hundred years as a quaint fishing village and vacation destination, a unique geographical and geological area located between Tillamook and Lincoln City, found on the south end of beautiful “3 Capes Scenic Drive.” Click here to view the finished version of this scenic video: http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeschairtv .

“The Oregon coast has some of the most breathtaking scenery and definitely displays some of God’s most beautiful creations,” commented MIKESCHAIR guitarist Sam Tinnesz. “We had a great time making the video…especially climbing up and down mountains to get to different locations you see in the video.”

Lead vocalist, Mike Grayson agreed stating, “The location where we shot the video was so overwhelmingly beautiful that it was impossible not to see God’s hands everywhere. After seeing the finished video it is clear that God definitely stole the show!”

The video was helmed by Eric Welch, founder and director for Broken Poet Productions. Welch has also directed videos for Brandon Heath, MercyMe, Jars of Clay, Toby Mac, and many more. Aristo Media is set to head up the  video’s distribution.

“Let The Waters Rise” is quickly climbing the CHR, Christian (Overall), AC Monitored and AC Indicator charts, proving to be a powerful record touching both programmers and their listeners. This is the group’s second single off their self-titled debut project, released on Curb Records July 14th.

On the touring front, MIKESCHAIR continues on the road with Lecrae, After Edmund, as well as with Sho Baraka for “The Altered Minds Tour,” a unique showcase displaying a variety of music from rock, pop and rap. The tour, which started in Harrington, DE in October and will conclude in Denton, TX the weekend before Thanksgiving, was put together to represent the unity within the body of Christ. MIKESCHAIR is also set to appear on the Winter Jam Tour next year. For more more information and the latest tour dates, please visit www.MIKESCHAIR.com.

MIKESCHAIR is managed by Creative Trust, Inc. and booked by Jeff Roberts & Associates, both located in the Nashville, TN area.

Below are photos from the shoot, courtesy of Creative Trust, Inc.



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