Newly Released America Album by Musician Michael Paul Scally Expected to Spark Controversy and Applause

Michael Paul Scally’s newly released album and music video garners attention for musical quality as well as controversial subject matter.

“America’s in trouble, no one seems to care. It’s all inbred corruption, you see it everywhere…”

Michael Paul Scally says his newly released music album, America (Salvation Rock Music Company), “shows the darker side of America. It expresses not only the volatility of the past decade but also many peoples’ fear of the future.”

Songs in the album touching on these issues are “Battlefield of Dreams,” “America,” “The Reward,” and “Light of the World.”

By taking a stand outside pop culture’s mainstream and writing about issues and events, Christian rock/ folk singer/songwriter Michael Paul Scally knows he is treading where most songwriters fear to go. Currently available on,) a music video from the America album entitled “America’s In Trouble” ( expresses the rapid decline of America’s present social, political and economic issues through Scally’s eyes by featuring images of war, headlines of political corruption, and bizarre images from a gay pride parade. A follow-up video is currently in production.

As one of southern California’s top studio musicians, Michael Paul Scally wrote, arranged, engineered, and played all instruments on the “America” album, a feat which took 18 months to complete. With the exception of the vocals on one cut, everything on the album is Scully.

The 10-track album, which features “America’s in Trouble,” is part of a two-year, two-album commitment between Scally and Salvation Rock Music Company (Orange County, Ca.). According to the label, America is the strongest album they have introduced this year.

Michael Paul Scally is a scheduled feature in a late 2012 issue of Fireworks Magazine, UK musicians’ magazine.

About Salvation Rock Music Company:

Based in Orange County, California, Salvation Rock Music Company’s main purpose is to offer production services for artists who might otherwise not have a chance to record their music. In many cases, SRMC pays for the initial studio time.


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