Malekko Now Shipping Plus Ultra 213/Wolftone Helium and Wolftone Chaos Pedals

MALEKKO HEAVY INDUSTRY CORPORATION was conceived by Josh Holley and Paul Barker formerly of Ministry on a kitchen table in 2006. Inspiration sprang from their experiences playing in a band (named Malekko) together in Austin, TX. A desire for a new flavor of sound drove Malekko to create new designs and redefine familiar ones.

MALEKKO HEAVY INDUSTRY, purveyor of paramount effect pedals and mellifluous synthesizer modules, is pleased to announce the PLUS ULTRA 213 is now shipping.

Containing NOS components from a bygone era, the hand-built PLUS ULTRA 213 effect pedal is a classic fuzz coupled with an all-pass filter. The filter circuit is separately switchable, running after the fuzz in the circuit, and is capable of creating unique combinations of musical and supremely satisfying fuzz saturations. Plug into the expression pedal jack for fuzz-wah freakouts!

MALEKKO HEAVY INDUSTRY is also thrilled to announce the release of the Wolftone HELIUM and Wolftone CHAOS pedals. Collaborating with Todd Wolfgram over the past few months has resulted in new and improved versions of these two highly sought after models. Hand-built using only the highest quality components and featuring sleek new enclosures, both pedals are now shipping.

The Wolftone HELIUM is an analog octave distortion pedal providing expansive octave tonal variations using the octave switch on top of searing distortion flavors controlled by the texture switch.

The Wolftone CHAOS is an analog distortion pedal highlighting wicked overtones and synth-like harmonics over massive distortion balanced through the use of the entropy knob.

  • The PLUS ULTRA 213 All-pass Filter Fuzz is shipping now and is available from Malekko dealers or direct from and carries a MSRP of $195.00.
  • The Wolftone HELIUM Octave Distortion pedal is shipping now and is available from Malekko dealers or direct from and carries a MSRP of $159.00.
  • The Wolftone CHAOS Distortion pedal is shipping now and is available from Malekko dealers or direct from and carries a MSRP of $159.00.


    • Barker ASSMASTER: hand built harmonic octave analog distortion pedal
    • PLUS ULTRA 213: hand built analog all pass fuzz pedal
    • Wolftone CHAOS: hand built analog distortion pedal
    • Wolftone HELIUM: hand built analog octave distortion pedal
    • EKKO 616: 600ms analog delay with modulation
    • FUZZ
    • PHASE
    • CHORUS
    • 8NU8R
    • OUTPUT
    • SWITCH
    • VCA

“The Assmaster is the most interesting fuzz out there, hands down.  I opened it up once and even found a surprise like a box of cereal.  How cool is that?”

Chris Funk of The Decemberists

“I cannot say enough about the Assmaster.  Anyone without one in their rig is truly missing out.”

Mat Mitchell of Puscifer

“My Assmaster pedal is a joyful noise creator…it’s the aural equivalent of having coarse sandpaper under my eyelids as I ride in the back of a dump truck! Weeeee!!”

“I like my Malekko Borg so much…it’s a great filter that goes from “oh what a nice fellow” to “she’s a nasty bitch!”

Justin Mendal-Johnsen of Beck, NIN, etc.

“I absolutely loooooooove my Malekko Assmaster.  I’m slightly reluctant to make my praises public because I count the assmaster as among my few secret weapons and I like to keep these secret.  But, I have already have turned on a few worthy friends to it and now I’m telling you. Yes, you.”

Bill Rieflin of Slow Music, REM, etc.

“We used the Assmaster for some bass tracks on our last record, Mastermind…. Totally killer- nothing else does what it does!!!

“The Spring Chicken is simply the best reverb pedal ever!! So that means the Clicklet is second best! Awesome reverb! Very practical great sounding pedal.”

“The Ekko 616 is another winner!! I’m a delay fanatic, and this pedal is right at the top of my list . It’s clean when I want it to be but also gets me the grim that I’m always looking for!”

-Phil Caivano of Monster Magnet


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