Please join us at the Roxy Theatre on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13 for a special show featuring the alternative rock trio MAE.

MAE just released (M)ORNING physically in stores late last month after selling-out a limited edition run on their tour earlier this spring. You should have received an advance copy. The enhanced disc, is the first of three separate 8-song collections of music the band is releasing in 2009/10–(M)ORNING, (A)FTERNOON, and (E)VENING–and includes a special DVD documentary which explains the evolution of the group’s “12 Songs, 12 Months, 1 Goal” campaign. The project evolved from digital to include physical releases via the band’s own imprint Cell Records which is now in partnership with Tooth & Nail for distribution.

Last year, MAE left Capitol Records to blaze their own trail. Without limitations, the band found a different way to do the two things they love most: creating music and helping others. They created “12 Songs, 12 Months, 1 Goal: Make a Difference,” and decided to release (M)ORNING, (A)FTERNOON, and (E)VENING as well as partner with charitable and humanitarian organizations to make a direct and positive impact in the world. So far in 2009, MAE has raised over $51,000 and has partnered with both  DonorsChoose and Habitat For Humanity.

The trio fully funded the single family home through fans purchasing the new music off (M)ORNING with a minimum donation of $1.00 through the band’s official website For (A)FTERNOON songs which are up now, MAE has aligned with Donors Choose ( to help teachers across the country directly get the supplies they are lacking for their classrooms. Fans can listen to the songs streaming for free at

MAE’s greater purpose has always been to provide a fantastic live experience–a Multisensory Aesthetic Experience designed to cultivate growth and endless possibility. Fans can expect their stunning 3D projection visuals, their rub and smell scented CDs and now the sensory stimulation of touch the combination of these elements will create a unique experience allowing fans to be transported to another level.

MAE Southern California shows:

Sun      10/11               Anaheim, CA                           Chain Reaction

Tue     10/13               West Hollywood, CA             The Roxy Theatre

Wed    10/14               San Luis Obispo, CA              Downtown Brew

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