Veteran metal band celenbrates 20th anniversary with new release

Band’s first album in 8 years is met with acclaim

“The guitar solos are shredtastic, the riffs seem carved out of molten steel, the drumming is likely to induce a concussion…
[LIVING SACRIFICE is] back at full strength. 4.5/5” -ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“A wonderfully crafted masterpiece of epic proportions! 5/5” -THE NEW REVIEW

“Definitely a must-buy… I feel sorry for any metal band releasing an album in 2010 because [with the Infinite Order] the bar has been set extremely high. 10/10” -INDIE VISION MUSIC

“When [LIVING SACRIFICE] comes together as a music unit, they are giants – like an indestructable metal beast.” -HM

January 25, 2010 – Metal legends LIVING SACRIFICE are debuting the video for the track “Rules of Engagement” today on AOL Noisecreep. The video is the first from the band’s anticipated new album, The Infinite Order, which drops January 26, 2010 on SolidState Records.

The album’s early praise indicates that The Infinite Order has taken shape as one of 2010’s most anticipated metal releases, and illustrates in no uncertain terms why so many of today’s heavy music leaders hold LIVING SACRIFICE and their legacy in such high esteem:    “You can hear LIVING SACRIFICE‘s legacy in the entire generation of bands who’ve come after them… And those bands still haven’t caught up,” -Tim Lambesis/AS I LAY DYING   “LIVING SACRIFICE definitely helped pave the way for our band’s crossover” -Tim McTague/UNDEROATH   The Infinite Order defies expectation in more ways than one, starting with the inclusion of a bonus track on the physical copy that wasn’t originally intended for North American consumption – and that won’t be available on iTunes. “The Infinite Order was supposed to have 11 songs on it, but when you get the record, there are 12,” explains LIVING SACRIFICE vocalist and guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh. “The 12th track is called ‘Of My Flesh, Of My Heart’ and is a down-tuned rhythmic rager. This song was slated to be a bonus track on a possible European release. The manufacturer used the wrong master for the pressing, though, and now you have this extra song – which, for fans, is a good thing. Further pressings of the record will not have the extra song, so get this one early and you will have a collectors item.”   The band previewed the release of The Infinite Order with an exclusive MySpace stream and an interactive album trailer on YouTube. As of Monday, January 25, the album is available for stream on AOL Music. LIVING SACRIFICE will support The Infinite Order with a February US tour (dates below).   There aren’t too many metal lifers out there who AREN’T named SLAYER or METALLICA that are still making ferociously relevant music 20 years into their career. LIVING SACRIFICE are among the few and the proud, and despite the fact that they have inspired a huge portion of today’s young metal bands, they’re still playing like they’ve got something to prove.

More Praise for The Infinite Order:

“The Arkansas based band is back and have returned to their thrashy roots… a lot of killer” -ROCKSOUND

“Overall, Infinite Order continues over two decades of success. This album is packed full of metal and sets the bar high for any metal band in 2010.” RICHLAND CHRONICLE
“Long time LIVING SACRIFICE fans will surely be pleased with the band’s second coming… a refreshing, unorthodox twist on contemporary metalcore.” REVIEW RINSE REPEAT
“The first solid metal album of 2010.” GEARS OF ROCK

[The Infinite Order] may well be their best record to date.” SPUTNIK MUSIC ABOMINABLE SNOWTOUR DATES:
2/5 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
2/6 Little Rock, AR @ Juanitas
2/7 Dallas, TX @ Fat Daddy’s
2/8 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
2/9 Houston, TX @ Meridian
2/10 Tulsa, OK @ Marquis Theatre
2/11 Bentonville, AR @ Skia
2/12 Kansas City, MO @ El Torreon
2/13 Jefferson, SD @ Community Center
2/14 Buffalo, MN @ The Vault
2/15 Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
2/17 Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theatre
2/19 Grand Ledge, MI @ Imagine This
2/20 Erie, PA @ Forward Hall
2/21 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
2/22 Clinton, NJ @ Aquifer Music Venue
2/23 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
2/24 Virginia Beach, VA @ Club Relevant
2/25 Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery (no Shai Hulud)
2/27 Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue (no Shai Hulud)
2/28 Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theatre (no Shai Hulud)


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