February 24, 2010 – Just weeks after releasing its bonecrushing new album, The Infinite Order, metal juggernaut LIVING SACRIFICE continues beating down doors at radio, elbowing its way onto scores of stations across the nation, as well as Sirius/XM, Music Choice and DMX. The band currently holds the #23 position on the CMJ Loud Rock charts, the #27 position on the Media Guide Metal Specialty charts and #4 on the FMQB Metal Detector chart, among many others – all a marked rise from the previous week.

The Infinite Order – LIVING SACRIFICE‘s 7th full-length album overall and its first in 8 years – is the next chapter in the storied career of one of thrash metal’s most enduring and beloved bands. The album debuted in the Billboard 200, a first in LIVING SACRIFICE‘s 20-year career, and has been met with acclaim from all corners of the metal world.

LIVING SACRIFICE‘s current radio success comes in the midst of a U.S. headlining tour with WAR OF AGES and SHAI HULUD that reunited the band with its loyal fans for the first time since the album’s release. Spectators learned what LIVING SACRIFICE fans like AS I LAY DYING, UNDEROATH, and DEMON HUNTER already know: While they’ve carved out an undeniable legacy that no one can deny, this is one band that plays with the same passion and fury of its earliest days.

Praise for The Infinite Order:

“The guitar solos are shredtastic, the riffs seem carved out of molten steel, the drumming is likely to induce a concussion…
[LIVING SACRIFICE is] back at full strength. 4.5/5” -ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“A wonderfully crafted masterpiece of epic proportions! 5/5” -THE NEW REVIEW

“Definitely a must-buy… I feel sorry for any metal band releasing an album in 2010 because [with the Infinite Order] the bar has been set extremely high. 10/10” -INDIE VISION MUSIC

“When [LIVING SACRIFICE] comes together as a music unit, they are giants – like an indestructable metal beast.” -HM

“Demonically delightful … Who says heavy metal isn’t fit for heaven?” –AOL NOISECREEP

“They have changed heavy music and influenced many of today’s bands. After six years of silence they are not only picking back up where they left off, but also improving.” –UNDER THE GUN

“The Arkansas based band is back and have returned to their thrashy roots… a lot of killer” -ROCKSOUND

“An unrelenting thrash metal assault. 9/10” -METALSTORM

“Overall, Infinite Order continues over two decades of success. This album is packed full of metal and sets the bar high for any metal band in 2010.” RICHLAND CHRONICLE
“Unquestionably sets the standard for all the releases like it that will drop this year.” –DECOY MUSIC
“Long time LIVING SACRIFICE fans will surely be pleased with the band’s second coming… a refreshing, unorthodox twist on contemporary metalcore.” REVIEW RINSE REPEAT

“The first solid metal album of 2010.” GEARS OF ROCK

[The Infinite Order] may well be their best record to date.” SPUTNIK MUSIC


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