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Least of These is the next iteration of the indie/post-hardcore style of music, and it’s easy to see where much of their influence comes from. Besides Christ (as highly evidenced in “Dealing At The Crossroads”), the four piece borrows heavily from bands like As Cities Burn and My Epic, incorporating an indie style with hardcore.

While it’s quite the specific type of genre, some of the tracks on their new album, Change Will Come, work quite well to pay homage to these influences, especially since such greatness as As Cities Burn is gone. There’s a lot happening on this record, none more evident than in “This Is Confidence,” which starts out with a lot of screaming and hardcore elements, ultimately leading to a softer breakdown. The track is definitely a standout.

While As Cities Burn and Oceana are much less specific when it comes to their Christian undertones, Least of These has no problem with putting their hearts on their sleeves. The music borders on worship at times, like the first track “The Son, The Kingdom” featuring 30 seconds worth of straight, spoken scripture. It’s a comforting and unashamed approach to rock and hardcore, but at times it doesn’t seem to fit with the song’s structure. The band really succeeds on songs like “Broken Record,” which has a focused, unrelenting hardcore sound, almost bordering on a softer Chasing Victory sound.

Screams come in from time to time, but they aren’t focused on, which works for the style the band is going for. The later tracks on the album aren’t as strong as the first half, and the vocals suffer later on, but the album is definitely worth the listen.


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