Laudamus  has a new project coming up; our new CD ”Rise”.

As you know, the music industry has gone through many changes in recent years. As a consequence, there are fewer opportunities for bands and artists to receive financial support from record companies. Funding for recording, marketing, tours etc is difficult. Therefore we need to find other solutions to keep our work moving.

And we have found it!

This gives YOU the opportunity to join in and help us with the recording of the CD and also the spreading of Laudamus’ music and message. In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have started a fundraising in “Crowdfunding style”. Crowdfunding is a new form of financing born from the frustration that many entrepreneurs and creative project leaders experience when it comes to realizing their visions. We have chosen to cooperate with the Swedish site

FundedByMe is a platform for crowdfunding, a tool for additional financial support. What we do is that we present the project, seek financial support and find networks. For you it means that you can donate money. The sum is optional but if you reach a certain level you get something in return from us. The sums are shown in Euro since we want to reach broader audiences. You can also get the sums in SEK.

Money is not all we need. We also need you to help us spread this information. We would appreciate if you posted a link on your facebook profile or on your blog or website. Write to and get in touch with your friends. If you have contact with companies, this can also be of help.

It is important to note that this is not commercial funding, if you are interested in that you can contact us directly via

You will find more information about our project at this address:

Many thanks,


We are what we do and we do what we believe in!

We are Laudamus, a constructive spiritual metal band, with Christian inspirations, based in the Swedish Polar Zone. We have been in the local Swedish scene since the late 80s. Now we are taking the steps into the wider music world. It is very exciting! Together we can make this project into reality.

And here we go …

We’re currently working on a great new project, our new CD. Release is planned for October 2012.  There are several working steps we need to take to reach success in this enterprise. There are costs – but there are benefits for us and for you. This is how we are going ahead.

Our tracks are ready to carry our sound into the waves. The producer is already outlined and as soon as funding is available we will record, mix, and master.

The overall producer is Peter Stenlund. Peter produced the last Laudamus CD as well, and has a clear vision of how to create a unique sound that will give the band its own space on the hard rock/metal market.

Rex Carroll, guitarist, composer, and the driving force behind bands like Whitecross, and King James will join forces with Laudamus to produce guitars. We have worked together in the past, and there is harmony in our interaction – a harmony that reflects into the quality of our work. His work has always been of an amazing quality. He deserves recognition, even in terms of a good pay.

Michael Feighan will lay down the drums on the CD. Michael is a very experienced drummer within the rock drumming area. His tone and timing is carefully studied by the band to be sure that he’s the right man for the job. When listening to his other recordings it’s very understandable that he’s considered one of the best drummers in his style.

Tracy Ferrie, known for his work with Stryper, Whitecross, Guardian, Rebecca St James, Sonic Flood etc. will lay down the bass tracks. It’s very exciting to have someone with his skills on the project. His powerful sound will definitely add some spark to the whole production.

Peter is the founder and the driving force behind Laudamus. His ability to get people to work together for a common goal is well known, and documented. Peter has studied guitar in Los Angeles for guitarists such as Frank Gambale, Steve Fister, Jeff Richman, Bill Fowler, Tariqh Akoni, etc. Peter is also a frequently hired vocalist. His voice stands out as a powerful, sensitive, and dynamic vehicle that carries the message right from the stage, or studio, right to your heart.

Ellinor is a very talented songwriter with exceptional ears for harmony, and arrangements. Her songwriting skills are well used in this production as well as her tasteful way of playing the keyboards. You will hear her play with a “small body – big sound” attitude!

Anders has chosen to step aside on this record due to circumstances outside of his control. However, He will continue to play live with Laudamus, and his skills are absolutely necessary to give the audience the show they so much wait for. His dedication is nothing but impressive, and his plan is to play on many Laudamus CD: s in the future.

Jonas Lidström is our great designer. He has worked with the Swedish section of Eurovision song contest. Design has to tell our story visually, and his creativity fits really well with what we need to make an unforgettable impact in addition to the music.  It is great to work with someone of this caliber, a professional that deserves a good return for his work.

Marketing and PR
Marketing is crucial and central to our goals! The CD will be an integral part of our series of planned shows. We are planning a presence in regular media, print, radio and tv, as well as social media, and of course, touring!

Also, there is an amazing release party in the making!


We have already outlined the distribution channels. This will include: Physical CD’s, Digital Release, concerts and platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. We have already outlined the distribution channels. This will include: Physical CD’s, Digital Release, concerts and platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. We’re not signed to any record company. We’re signed to YOU!

Your involvement – Together we can make it

This is a great project. With your involvement we can go very far. We have great incentives to all our friends who want to be part of this project. Just take a look at the incentives, to the right on this page.

And here we are …

Find us – If you enjoy our music, you can always contact us directly. One of us will always give you a return. Just drop us a line at

We need the funding, but this is more than money. Your support will give us the possibility to do more and reach out more.

We are what we do and we do what we believe in!


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