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Galilee of the Nations has announced the long-awaited digital release today of the entire musical catalog from Lamb, the pioneering duo in Messianic Jewish music credited with influencing a generation of praise and worship music.

For the first time, all 12 of Lamb’s recordings in the group’s 40-year history will be available for purchase and download via iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster, Rhapsody, CD Baby and other online digital music stores.

Founding Lamb in 1972, Joel Chernoff (lead singer and songwriter) and Rick “Levi” Coghill (producer and guitarist) combined contemporary pop sounds with the minor keys of traditional Jewish music, coupled with Messianic lyrics. The sound crossed all boundaries and is now considered the first true praise and worship music to come out of the Jesus Music Movement.

Lamb returned in 2005 with Ted Pearce joining Chernoff for the recording of the duo’s most recent album, The Sacrifice.

In addition to The Sacrifice, the albums being digitally released include Lamb I, Lamb II, Lamb III, Songs For The Flock, Lamb Live, New Mix, The Year of Jubilee, Dancing in Jerusalem, Dancing in Jerusalem Live, Seer, and Come Let Us Celebrate.

To date, Lamb has sold more than 600,000 copies of its 12 albums, and many have reached the Top 10 on contemporary music charts.

“The songs of Lamb lead singer and writer Joel Chernoff possess a timeless quality that can only be attributed to the fact that they connect directly to the prophetic Word of God concerning the restoration of Israel, the salvation of the nations and the coming together of both Jew and Gentile as one in the Messiah Yeshua in the last days,” says Yochanan Ben Yehuda, founder and president of Galilee of the Nations. “The album Seer prepared and encouraged my heart prior to my first trip to Israel in 1990. I know that this music will encourage hearts and bring the listeners to the feet of Jesus.”

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