Aspen 3232HD3G
32×32 3G HD-SDI Matrix Switcher

The Aspen series routers are high−performance matrix switcher for 3G HD−SDI and HD−SDI dual link video signals. These units can switch any or all inputs to any or all outputs.

  • Max Data Rate – 2.97Gbps.
  • System Range – 500′ (155m) at max data rate.
  • Looping Sync Input – Composite or Tri-sync.
  • Input Equalization – Per input.
  • 5 Re-Clocking Modes – Auto, bypass, 3G HD-SDI, HD-SDI & SD.
  • Local Control Panel – Multi-color I/O & function buttons.
  • Flexible Control – RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet.
  • Redundant External Power Supply – Optional.
  • Standard 19” Rack Mount Size –  2U. 2.5″ deep.
Any Format. Any Wire. One Kramer Core™ Complete End-to-End Solution
4×4 to 32×32 Modular Multi−Format Digital Matrix Switcher

The VS−3232D is a high performance matrix switcher chassis for DVI & HDMI signals. The unit is modular and populated from 4×4 to 32×32 in increments of four inputs and/or four outputs. The chassis includes a power supply, control module and a test module that can monitor and test any input and output in the matrix.

  • Kramer Core™ – FLEXIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE CONVERSION! Copper, Fiber or Twisted Pair − all can be used at the same time, according to input/output module selection. The matrix receives digital signals from compatible Kramer transmitters, automatically converts between available infrastructure options and sends the signals to compatible Kramer receivers. Kramer Core™ solution is the ultimate in versatility!
  • Max. Data Rate – 3.2Gbps per graphics channel.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • HDCP Compliant – With DVI (HDCP), HDMI & DGKat  modules.
  • DGKat™ Signal Integration – Kramer’s unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables.
  • Kramer Equalization & re‑Klocking™ Technology – Rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances.
  • Modular & Easily Configurable Platform – Input or output module types can be mixed and added in increments of 4 from 4×4 up to 32×32.
  • Available Modules – DVI, DVI (HDCP), DVI (Dual Link), HDMI, LC Optical & DGKat Twisted Pair.
  • Control – Front panel, IR remote, RS−232, Ethernet.
  • Test Pattern Module – With 4 output resolutions.
  • Standard 19” Rack Mount Size – 6U. Rack “ears” included.
mv-6 MV-6
6-Input 3G HD-SDI MultiviewerThe MV−6 is a versatile, high−performance multiviewer for 3G HD−SDI video signals. The device can display up to six inputs in any combination and output the image in SDI, HDMI and CV formats. Both pre−programmed and customizable screen divisions are supported.

  • Max. Input Data Rate – 3Gbps.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • Re-Clocking Looping Inputs.
  • Multi-Standard Operation – SDI, HD−SD & 3G HD−SDI.
  • Multi-Video Output Formats – 3G HD−SDI, HDMI and composite, scaling, refresh rate and video standard conversion.
  • Front Panel Preview Screen – 16:9 4.3in color LCD.
  • Kramer re-Klocking™ & Equalization Technology
  • Control – Front panel with 2-row LCD, Ethernet & RS−232.
  • Standard 19” Rack Mount Size – 2U. Rack “ears” included.

Kramer Electronics USA, Inc Headquarters
96 Route 173 West, Suite 1, Hampton, NJ 08827 Tol Free: Tel: (888) 275 6311


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