Cleveland’s metal alchemists INHALE EXHALE are debuting their new video for “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?” this week on AOL Noisecreep. The video is the first from the band’s bombastic, career-defining third album, Bury Me Alive, out now on SolidState Records.

The video can be viewed HERE.   “We wanted to go with more of a live, performance-based video this time around,” guitarist John LaRussa told Noisecreep of the dark and gritty track, which AOL called “nothing if not creepy.” The video – which also features an eerie host of hooded men and women lurking around a dilapidated warehouse where INHALE EXHALE are performing – was shot and produced by Iron Curtain Media from North Carolina.   “The characters in the video represent the masks people hide behind, and this is also why the band disappears at the end of the set,” LaRussa says. “We were able to find out who we really are.”

The video for “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?” paints in bold strokes the message that INHALE EXHALE are sending with their new album, Bury Me Alive, which was released on October 6, 2009 – this is a band that knows exactly who they are and where they’re headed. The album was met with instant acclaim for its artful inventiveness and bone-shaking heaviness.

The video comes at the tail end of INHALE EXHALE‘s successful U.S. tour with buzzband IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. The band will continue its onslaught in 2010 with another extensive tour, to be announced shortly.

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