That’s right friends, I have decided to transfer all the Indie Vision Music releases into mp3 format and upload them to the Indie Vision Music website.

Not only will you get the full IVM albums BUT, I have thrown in a bunch of rare tracks and demos never before released.

Dismissed “Complete Collection”
Includes the “Taking the Good With the Bad” album, “Self Titled” ep, the
2001 demo produced by Scott Silleta, and a mastered track of “The Fall of Friendship” that appeared ona  a certain compilation I produced.

Next in Line “Complete Collection
Includes the independent Next in Line full length “In Due Time” released in 2000, Next in Line “Traffic”, “One in a Million” ep, “Unpluigged” ep, and the mastered rare track “Bye Polar” that appeared on a certain compilation I produced.

Forgotten Arrival “Complete Collection”
Includes “Through Your Eyes” in Mp3 and Itunes files, and the track “Tear Soaked Dreams” that appeared on Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 1

Josiah “Verona”
The complete full length from one of metalcore’s finest underground bands.
Remember, you can still find their 2003 demo “Whom Jehovah Heals” in our Hot Downloads section.

Pennylane “Complete Collection”
Includes the full Pennylane ep, and I threw in their first “Demo” unmastered version of the 6 tracks included on the ep (the live tracks were added to From Paradise to Parking Lots later on).

Joey’s Loss “Complete Collection”
Includes full Joey’s Loss full length “Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men” and their 2003 full length “Letters Written Without Ink”. Two great albums.

Quick and the Dead “Going Home” +Bonus Track Included is the complete Quick and the Dead album “Going Home’ plus the ITunes file “I am to Blame” found on the ITunes release.

You can download these all at the link below:

Indie Vision Music 10 Year Anniversary
July 4th marked our 10 years on the internet. It has been a great pleasure serving all of you over the years, whether it be in the albums I sold through the store, the bands I worked with during the label days, and even with the zine still running today. I thank God that I was able to hold on to this site and hopefully share a little bit of the hope I found through my relationship in Christ. It’s such a blessing knowing we have built an awesome community of readers and friends. So I want to personally thank each of you for continuing to support us over the years. God bless you all.

Indie Vision Music 10 Year Anniversary Show This is top secret but I am going to begin working on getting a show in Southern California and hopefully grabbing a few well known bands out of retirement to play this gig. Would you come?

That about wraps up this newsletter. Thanks for your support over the years and for continuing to visit each and every day. Take care and if you ever have a question, just email me

-Brandon Jones
Indie Vision Music



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