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Impending Doom’s new album, Death Will Reign, is a shining example of every era from the California-based deathcore masters. This album captures the in-your-face feel of their 2012 release, Baptized in Filth, the raw brutality of Nailed. Dead. Risen. (2007) and the dynamic fury of There Will Be Violence (2010) and The Serpent Servant (2009). And now, with Death Will Reign, Impending Doom has blown past the limits of what has come to be expected of them and given a whole new twist to their patented style of self-proclaimed “goreship.”

Starting out with the signature Impending Doom aggressive introduction on “Ravenous Disease,” it doesn’t slow down at all with the back-to-back brutality of their first single, “Death Will Reign,” and the black-metal infused “Beyond the Grave.” This album delivers huge breakdowns (“My Own Maker,” “Rip, Tear, and Burn”), lighter instrumental bridges (“Doomsday”) and face-melting blast beats (“Endless,” “Live or Die”).

But there are two songs that show the softer side of Impending Doom on this album. The first is the lighter harmonies of “My Blood,” but it’s the closing track of the album, “The Great Divine,” that gives you the tear-jerking balladry you don’t commonly find in an Impending Doom piece. This album truly shows both the history and future of these kings of deathcore and also that there is more to the boys from California than most people would expect.

Death Will Reign is a magnificent example of true deathcore brilliance. It encapsulates more than just the history of a killer band, but also the overall spirit of what Impending Doom stands for. It truly is the capstone of what the band has done thus far, and also makes you wonder, what could they possibly do next?
For fans of As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence and For Today.



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