Pacifico, the quasi-band, quasi-long-term-collaboration project, is premiering “I’ve Finally Found What I’m Looking For,” the standout track from the band’s sophomore release, Without Heroes. The band’s cornerstone is Matt Schwartz, as he’s probably the most constant, but for over ten years, the band has been a revolving door of contributors that’s worked with Matt Goldman (Copeland, Underoath) and Mark McClusky (Weezer), among others. Others, like myself, may remember the band from an early split EP with Copeland.

The video is a fun take on finding a kindred spirit, but naturally done so with puppets. Produced by Tommy’s TV and Beyond the Garage (thanks for the puppets!), director Clay Achee filmed the spot at Lock and Key whiskey bar and on the roof of McGynn, Glisson and Mouton law in Baton Rouge, LA. If you’re down with the jams, you can grab the music over at iTunes.



Droning On

The world came to a halt in 2020, but London-based Drones trudged on, giving a voice to the hurt that circulates with (or without) a pandemic: "You shouldn’t underestimate the power of writing things down or literally speaking them out loud, which I’m learning. I’m glad I made these songs, no matter how personal they are."


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