Today, HM is proud to premiere the music video for “Vacant Stare” from Belgian metalcore act An Ocean Tide. The band is currently working on their debut full-length, due out in 2015, though they have been playing music together since 2010. The track and video hold special weight for the band, as the band has been effected directly by one of the most heartbreaking diseases. Drummer Maarten Warson explains:

We want to start a new chapter in the story of An Ocean Tide. The single is called “Vacant Stare,” and it has a lot of personal meaning to us. The song tells a story about a man that suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, and, with this single and music video, we want to try to help people see what it’s like to live beside someone who suffers from the disease.

Our vocalist based the lyrics on his grandmother, a woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a dreadful disease to witness. People they once knew and cared about become strangers. Stuff they used to do can’t be done anymore. They’re changing, right in front of your eyes, and you can’t do anything about it.

Little is known about how to cure it, so we want to raise awareness and show families that have somebody that suffers from Alzheimer’s the support they need and to let them know they are not alone.

The video was directed by TRE Productions and produced by The Penthouse Studio.


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