HM is stoked to premiere “A Voice,” the latest single from the highly emotive Matter. The band, whose influencers include Thrice, Brand New and Explosions in the Sky, calls Los Angeles home, and their latest release, Teraphim, features “A Voice” with six other tracks. The band also released a 7″ vinyl pressed on white, 180-gram vinyl, hand-numbered and in limited release. (Jam it below.)

We spoke with Elijah Kellogg, vocalist for the band, about the song and a little history behind their latest project.

One year ago, almost to the day, Matter was able to self-release what has become the band’s most definitive body of work thus far: Teraphim. But, as much as we absolutely poured our hearts into the project, this album would have never even happened without the love and financial support of our family, friends and fans. So today, as we release a music video for the album’s single, ‘A Voice’, we dedicate it to those who helped us get where we are. After watching, you may be surprised to hear that we created this video for less than $150. That’s insane! But, once again, we couldn’t have done it without the help and donations of our peers. I hope Matter is a living example that bands can create amazing work without label money, promoter schmoozing and management hype. With a greater cause to believe in, beyond the fame and fortune, and an even greater circle of friends who believe in you, the songs will speak for themselves. This is ‘A Voice’. Enjoy!

If you dig the tunes, you can check out the band on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


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