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Pure Life Revolution Repentance Walk 7-7-7

Pure Life Revolution

Repentance Walk 7-7-7

This CD is a compilation that documents three years of a grass roots movement that started in Nashville, Tennessee. It became a massive groundswell on the morning of the Nashville Call of 7/7/07. Almost 30,000 people from all over the nation(s) mobilized and walked down Church Street in silent repentance for the sins of the church in America. It was historic!

The repentance walk was a powerful prophetic picture of what is now happening in the Church. As we departed from the Nashville Parthenon (Greek/ worldly spirit), passed through the “community” (the homosexual community), passed by Hustler Hollywood, then crossed over Highway 40, which represented leaving behind forty years in the wilderness of sexual immorality and family breakdown in America… the scene was unprecedented. The “Promised Land” was in sight as the massive seas of people crossed over the river and into the stadium to return to our God. The sounds, songs, stories, prophecies and prayers that you hear on this recording have all come out of many days and nights of prayer and fasting.


Pure Life Revolution is a word that everyone must hear, then do. With great joy I highly recommend this album to you! This thing has the hot sauce on it! If we desire to see God in every area of our lives, then there must be purity in every area of our lives. The amazing news is that through Jesus, purity is possible!”

-Rick Pino, Fire Rain Ministries

“Filled with testimonies and powerfully anointed music, this CD will inspire and impart a passion for purity & holiness in the listener. Don’t get one copy, get 10 and share them! Release a Pure Life Revolution!”

-Richy Clark, Radiant Worship

Pure Life Revolution is a tool of FREEDOM. If Paul could pray over a handkerchief, send it to a city and the people who touched it were healed, why not a CD? The pornographic plague sweeping across this nation is reality, but so is FREEDOM. This CD is a real tool of FREEDOM that the Lord is using to set this generation free.”

-Micah Walley

“I can almost guarantee you that you have never heard anything like this album before. The first time I listened to this album I was preparing for a video shoot, had to completely stop what I was doing and start worshiping as the presence of God filled the room. It deals with the very root of your being and I promise you WILL be impacted as you listen to it. I encourage you to listen to it straight through from beginning to end as it will take you on an intense journey into the presence of God.” -Chris

“This CD is raw, real, and relevant to our times. These tracks not only make you want to change, but make you EXCITED for change! This CD changed me for good. I know for a fact that there is nothing like it.”

-Jay, Canada

“This CD touches your heart and even if you think you can’t relate… you totally can! This CD hits topics that everyone is affected by!!! It goes where no one has gone before on a CD!”

-Sam, California

“This CD takes you through a journey of Purity! It talks about stuff that nearly no one talks about in the church! I could even experience how it impacts other nations. When you allow it to change your life, it will set you on fire for the fight for purity!!!”

-Matthias, Switzerland

“The first time I listened to this album I had to quit everything I was doing and start worshiping the Lord. It took me on a journey as song after song went straight to the core of issues dealt with deep inside me. I was so moved by the honesty and transparency on this album. Don’t miss your opportunity to get this album. You NEED to experience this.”

-Chris, Arkansas



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