One Prophecy Many Voices


Lou Engle, Rick Joyner, Michael Brown, Ray Hughes

James Ryle, Bob Jones, Ricky Skaggs, Don Potter and more….

Father's of Thunder

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In 1989 James Ryle received a sequence of three prophetic dreams that have become known throughout many nations as the “Sons of Thunder.” This prophecy has filled many people, both young and old, with tremendous hope for the future. There are few prophetic words that have instilled such anticipation and excitement in so many. I personally know people all around the world who have been impregnated with this prophecy. They long and pray for the day of its fulfillment.

As I have waited long and prayed hard about the fulfillment of these dreams, I have felt strongly that the Lord would not release an orphaned generation into the frontlines of the last day Harvest without the affirmation, wisdom and covering of the fathers (and mothers). We are entering into the days when God is truly turning “… the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” (Mal. 4:6) We are entering into the days of great generational blessing and healing… the days of the Sons of Thunder. This CD speaks deeply fo these things and this compilation is dedicated to the soon coming wave of musicians and evangelists that will usher in the greatest Harvest in the name of Jesus. – Scott MacLeod


“The Sons of Thunder is a prophetic promise from heaven about a day when an army of worshiping warriors would be released into the streets with an extraordinary anointing upon them in music and evangelism. Men and women who have been hidden with the Lord and marked by the penetrating power of His presence… men and woman who have true grace and gifting in music along with humility and selflessness in sharing Christ… who are fearless in their faith and faithful to the call.”

– James Ryle

“Let this CD be a spark that launches the massive prayer movement that is needed to see the Sons of Thunder vision come into fullness worldwide.” – Lou Engle



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