Gungor’s sophomore album from Brash Music titled Beautiful Things releases today amidst critical praise as well as promising feedback from a stellar performance at the 10th anniversary of the re:create conference.
Below is just a sample of what critics are saying about Beautiful Things:
“Music like this is a special discovery… definitely a work of beauty and sincerity, making the newest incarnation of Gungor an artist to watch for sure.”
“ I don’t even know another band that does it quite like this. Gungor plays a spacious brand of music that feels full, like a slow motion, epic movie scene.”
“This band is fantastic… This album will not only satisfy loyal fans, but certainly draw in many new ones. Nice job, Gungor.” – Christian Music Review
“I would certainly recommend as one worth checking out… An hour of excellent music.” – Louder Than The Music
“Prepare yourselves for a musical treat. If you are not familiar with Gungor. then you are missing out on one of the hottest worship artists in recent memory… Gungor has a great combination of originality, accessibility, catchiness, and creativity that could make them the next big thing in the worship scene.” – The Christian Manifesto
“This unconventional praise act is known just as much for its epic anthems as its earthy introspection. Both sides of the band permeate Beautiful Things...” – Christianity Today
Additionally, Gungor graced the cover of the February CCM digital issue. The band was one of five musicians featured as artists who are redefining worship, also stating that Gungor “leads the pack.” To read the CCM digital issue, visit CCM Magazine Online
Prior to this street week acclaim, Gungor performed at the highly anticipated re:create conferences on Thursday, February 11 to much applause. The Franklin, Tenn. based event is an art & worship thinktank where ministry leaders converge to refresh, encourage and diffuse ideas. After the band’s performance on the closing day, twitter was lighting up with chatter regarding the band’s performance of the entire album.
“I just witnessed the future of music and the standard by which all live music will be measured. Its name is Gungor.”
“Having an aftershock this morning, recalling what I experienced seeing Gungor live @ #recreate10
“Go now & get Gungor’s new CD. He performed it for us today. Greatest concert experience of my life.”
“Just finished hearing the most creative concert I have heard in many years by the group Gungor.”
“@Gungor (band) performance at re:create conference. Musicianship, production, passion, songs: jaw droppingly amazing.”
“I feel so full, so grateful for the beauty I received. Gungor was pure, honest truth & joy #recreate10
“If the world saw what I was seeing and hearing right now, it would change the face of worship music as we know it. Gungor!!”
“Gungor tonight provided me a transcendent musical modern worship experience…unbelievable! #recreate10”
“wow!!! Gungor band… the brilliance, beauty and art that will transform worship… I don’t have the words. no words…”
“was just wrecked and ruined by one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Gungor was unreal. i know nothing about music anymore.”
Beautiful Things will also be a featured album on the iTunes ® Christian page on February 23.
Formerly known as The Michael Gungor Band, the socially active, Denver-based foursome is comprised of Michael Gungor, his wife Lisa, as well as friends Brad Waller (guitar) and Josh Harvey (bass). Gungor hits the scene with a different perspective than most bands as the lead singer is perhaps best known for co-writing distinguished songs like “Friend of God” and “Say So” made famous by Israel Houghton. The band’s 2008 debut on Brash Music, Ancient Skies, garnered critical acclaim. Beautiful Things will be the band’s sophomore release, and the third CD release for Michael Gungor.
About Brash Music
Brash Music is an eclectic independent record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded on the belief that the opportunity in the music business lies between a vast, eager talent pool and a need for fresh perspective.  We address that need by operating from a set of core values that emphasize our commitment to integrity, transparency with our artists, innovation, efficiency and financial prudence. Our mission is to passionately deliver quality music in a way that is profitable for all involved.  For more information about Brash Music, visit


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